"3D palette" will put things in order on the desktop of the owner of the 3D pen

    Since its introduction to the market, 3D pens have not lost popularity. Now such pens are already available not only for geeks and professional designers, but also in the workplaces of engineers, IT specialists, in circles where children or teenagers are taught to do something with their own hands. Each owner of a 3D pen works with skeins of plastic, which after receiving and unpacking look something like this:

    Everything is pretty pretty. The problem arises after the owner of the pen unwinds the twisted plastic and starts working.

    After half an hour of work on the desktop, tangled coils of plastic, the remains of the coils with which they work most often are scattered. If there is something else on the table, for example, paper, pencils and other accessories, the situation is aggravated - everything is confused with everything.

    Sometimes coils fall from the table, “hide” under the paper. All this creative mess, in general, is familiar to many, but it does not add efficiency to the work. If the reels for the handle are a little more voluminous, the plastic from them is often wound up independently, turning into a “beard”, familiar to all fishermen.

    Not to say that this is a huge problem, but it takes a lot of time to restore order. In addition, if you work with several colors at the same time, you have to constantly shift the coils from place to place, unravel problem areas. Naturally, work efficiency drops.

    There are people who know how to follow all this, their desktop is ascetic and orderly in any situation. But there are few such people - literally a few. Still, others can take advantage of a turnkey solution for all owners of 3D-pens. The solution is called a 3D palette.

    A single photo is enough to understand what it is: a set of skeins of plastic in different colors for a 3D pen in a single package, which simultaneously serves as a distributor.

    The effect when using the 3D palette is immediately noticeable - no lumps of plastic on the table (except, perhaps, already used to create models). All coils are compactly stored vertically. And you no longer need to search for the coil of the desired color - all the plastic, all the colors of the rainbow, is in place. It is not necessary to extract the entire array at the beginning of the work - you need to get the thread of the desired color, and insert it into the pen.

    Working with the rainbow

    In principle, the lack of clutter on the table when working with the “3D palette” is not even the main advantage. The main thing here is the ability to create multi-color figures without the constant replacement of coils. Inside the box there are small skeins of plastic of different colors, which allows you to practically realize your idea with no loss of time, no matter how multi-color it is.

    To work with a certain color, you just need to take the appropriate plastic thread and insert it into the pen:

    When you need a different color, remove the previous color and select the desired thread. Everything is simple. The skein will end sooner or later, then you need to replace the plastic, for which you just need to open the lid and insert the skein into the corresponding compartment of the cassette. Passing the plastic thread through the outlet opening, you can close the lid and forget about the plastic until the next replacement.

    What else?

    Another important advantage of the "Palette" is the price. The “3D Palette” costs as much as a regular coil of ABS plastic. If a person works with plastic in various colors, then the plastic in the "Palette" will last for a long time. Now imagine how much money would have to be spent on purchasing coils of plastic of different colors. If the skein of plastic in the box is over, you can immediately insert a new one.

    As for the price, we will not be unfounded. The price of "3D Palettes" is (at the time of writing the review) 1 490 p .
    The price of an ABS plastic coil (weighing 750 g) is 1300 p.

    The 3D palette, for user convenience, comes with coils of ABS plastic in the following colors:
    • White
    • Gray
    • Pink
    • Purple
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Bronze
    • Brown
    • Green
    • Cyan
    • Metallic blue
    • Black

    Features of the 3D palette:
    • Weight 300 g
    • Optional Diameter: 1.75 mm
    • Dimensions Hank length: 10 m
    • Color Number of colors: 12

    Can you look at the results of working with the Palette?
    Here are examples of some of the works of designers who used the “3D palette” (by the way, everyone who has tested the system agrees with our slogan for it: “It’s convenient to work. It’s easy to store!”:

    And another:

    Another picture, and that's enough, perhaps:

    Where to buy a 3D palette?

    You can buy this tool both online and in offline stores of the Dadget company.

    All Geektimes readers have a 10% discount on the GEEKT-PALITRA code .

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