Sony LSPX-100E26J LED. Until the TV in the toilet. Just a speaker in a light bulb

    A light bulb is a favorite object for translating the fantasies of startups. It has two important properties, due to which it attracts them like moths in the night. Firstly, it has access to electricity, and secondly, it is located in a prominent place. Until recent years, the only problem was that the efficiency of a conventional incandescent lamp was very different from hundreds, which is why it was very noticeably heated during operation. The advent of LED lamps pushed the problem of heating to the background and the most unusual fantasies began to come true. As it turned out, SONY was not the first to cross the lamp, speaker system and Bluetooth module, but in my opinion she did it in the most elegant way.

    Using the android application, now we can enjoy music in the most unexpected corners of our house: closet, bathroom or even a toilet!

    The lamp from SONY has a brightness of only 360 lumens and two watt speakers. Its cold light is designed more to create a romantic mood than to fully illuminate the premises.

    Nevertheless, against the background of 40-watt counterparts of direct heat, its brightness looks quite worthy.

    Are you already in the store? Do not hurry. This May, it will appear so far only in Japan. Even the USA is just waiting for the announcement. When she gets to us, it is not yet clear, I hope, before the Iron Curtain has time to fall.


    It seems to me that the future lies with the toilet. This item, which is just waiting, will not wait for modernization. There are legends about how, even in the last millennium, American intelligence with its help monitored the health of our general secretaries, but due to psychological prejudices, startupers still pay too little attention to him.

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