Hackspace in the southern capital (China, Nanjing)

    We continue our series of stories about the hackspace of China (we have already visited the hackspace of Shenzhen - TechSpace , Chaihuo Make Space , the hackspace of Shanghai and Beijing ), and this time we will visit the city of Nanjing - the historical capital of China. Nanjing, literally translated - "southern capital." The capital of China is before 1421. A city with more than 2400 years of history, and at the moment with more than 8 million inhabitants.

    Recall that hackspace is usually a spontaneous organization of people who are interested in jointly studying robotics, gadgets and high technologies, getting and sharing new knowledge. Each hackspace is unique - because created from the needs of its participants.

    Typically, hackspace is:
    • jointly leased premises in which:
    • common table - a place for collaboration, communication
    • computer jobs
    • good internet
    • workplaces for working with microelectronics (soldering stations, oscilloscope, etc.)
    • library of electronic components (Arduino, RPi, etc.)
    • equipment: CNC, milling cutter, 3D printer, laser cutter / engraving, etc.
    • workshop for carpentry
    • fridge with water / food
    • retro gaming machines
    • various projects of participants

    Let's see what of this is in the Nanjing hackspace.

    We see the main table, a monitor for conferences, a wi-fi access point:

    Here is the desktop:

    Of the unusual, we note the presence of construction tools - apparently the room is still under repair.

    And also on the right side of the table we see a box from the Cubelets robotic set :
    More details

    These are cubes containing electronic components (actuators, sensors), can be interconnected (using magnets) and get working robotic systems:

    Soldering - a soldering iron (for surface mounting), and a soldering station.

    Artifact (if anyone knows Chinese - you can read it):

    Information about Wi-Fi access: A

    drilling machine rises:

    Here is a CNC milling machine:

    Good lighting:

    What’s not in the basement is a plus. And fragments of the design is a delta 3D printer.

    But the view from a different angle, zoning is visible - a common table (marker board), jobs:

    The room is relatively large.

    Curator of the hackspace, at work:

    Projects of the participants

    Let's see what is interesting among the projects of the participants of this hackspace.

    Some mysterious DIY CNC (based on drive engines), if anyone knows what it is - tell me:

    Luminous led cube:

    Probably, the controller of stepper motors is being tested:

    Quadrocopter, projects of these flying frames can often be found in hacks:

    In this example, it is more correct to say “tricopter”.

    Here is an interesting project:

    I can’t understand, either the author wants to repeat the Bird's Nest stadium.

    A photo

    Or to collect some Tesla energy generator from the air :)

    Conditions / participants
    Huxpace in the city of Nanjing is contained in contributions from 20 participants who make contributions of 200 yuan per month (about 1600 rubles). The room is rented for 3,000 yuan per month (about 25 tr). There are no additional sponsors - all purchases are at the expense of members. People come on Saturdays and Sundays.

    Of course, the hackspace in Nanjing is not the most advanced in terms of equipment, but the fact that people were able to organize, rent a room, purchase equipment and carry out their projects that they are interested in is a plus.

    Visit the hackspace in your city
    If you are interested in the subject of hackspace - you can search in your city - hackspace, fablaby, CMIT. If you do not find it, then you can always organize it - the main thing is to assemble a team of enthusiasts.

    For the material provided, thanks targence

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