Google apologizes for translating Google translator for “gay”

    More than 50,000 people signed a petition on the AllOut website demanding the search giant to remove abusive foreign language translations of the word “gay” from the Google Translator service. After the problem was noticed by many serious media, such as the British Independent , a Google spokesperson apologized to the community and changes were made to the Google Translator database.

    Someone noticed that when translating the word “gay” from English into European languages (Spanish, French, Portuguese) Google Translator offered options that were considered offensive in the community: “Faggot”, “Poof”, “Fairy”, “Dyke”.

    A translation from Russian into English of a similar term contained generally dissonant definitions, which are considered curses.

    Outraged users created a petition demanding Google to remove abusive translations. It says that 500 million people use the translation service every month, and they might think that the language really uses extremely crude definitions instead of the neutral word “gay”.

    One of the sites of the gay community claims that a certain official from Google apologized and the problem with incorrect translations was eliminated (obviously, the Russian version of the Translator does not yet exist).

    Google is trying to tolerate the LGBT community: in 2012, the Legalize Love program was launchedsupporting homosexual marriages in the United States and encouraging other states to decriminalize homosexual relationships. In the company there are special benefits for those working in it gay men who call themselves "Gayglers» ( gaygler ).

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