DIY for all occasions: an octopus robot, a full-height BB8 droid and a laser shotgun

    DIY is like a flight of fancy. It is not always possible to find a general idea in order to realize everything that is desired. On the Internet you can find many different blogs and channels of inventors of various ages. Sometimes they collect something toy, sometimes - the well-known devices themselves, thus saving a lot. Sometimes, ideas become so crazy that they quickly scatter across the Internet as an incredible incident or become a brilliant revelation for gourmet DIY gourmets, and then for ordinary people. So this collection, it does not have something thematically uniting, but it has a desire to find inspiration, both in the simplest things and in the crazy.

    DIY for beginners

    Robot octopus

    DIY masterpieces start small - the easiest way to start learning is with small and simple projects that even a student can do. Such projects are offered by a user from India , who shows in detail and step by step how to assemble an octopus robot at home. For him, you need to make a motor and craft 8 legs that help the robot move and maneuver under water.

    Flying bird on a thread.

    This device is very similar to a miniature version of an ornithopter. Its body can be made of knitting needles and cotton fabric, and in order to set it in motion you will need a small battery. To set the direction of movement, you just need to tie it on a thread to the ceiling. This small invention is perfect for atypical home decoration.

    A VR headset at your fingertips

    To make a VR headset you need any available convex lens. The simplest lens from a toy binocular or a small magnifying glass will do. The very body of such a headset can be made of foam. And for fastening its parts you will need an almighty tape.

    A projector for a smartphone

    If you take two concave-convex lenses and polystyrene, you get a projector for a smartphone. Everything ingenious is simple.

    Toy robot from old CDs

    Now it’s quite difficult to find use for old and dusty CDs, but do not rush to eject them. They are perfect for homemade toys that you can give to children or frolic with them yourself. Two discs are perfect for the role of wheels, a motion sensor will allow the engine to start when you approach your hand. The concept and instructions are attached to the video.

    Toy boat

    A very simple instruction for a homemade boat with oars. She really swims and does it well. It consists of iron spokes, a pair of batteries and polystyrene. Oddly enough, the author makes the paddle blade out of the cover from Doshirak.

    Homemade machine

    If you have an old controlled machine lying around, then you can give its motor a second life. Using a two-channel receiver-transmitter, batteries, wire, popsicle sticks (and you always threw them away, right?) And springs, you can make a complete machine at home.

    Portable mini-fridge.

    I don’t always want to make some toys that later may not be needed at all, or which will have to be returned sooner or later. I would like something more serious and adult, for example, to make a portable mini-fridge for a jar or two of beer or cola. It can be placed next to the computer (which is very convenient) or carried with you in the car. To do this, you need a Peltier semiconductor cooler , a metal sheet, polystyrene foam and glue.

    DIY for advanced

    InMoov humanoid robot

    If you suddenly wanted to build a humanoid robot yourself on your home 3D printer, then many wonderful people will help you by posting the open source code of a humanoid robot. If a fantasy has a fountain, then it is not necessary to carefully follow the instructions. You can experiment, complement and improve your humanoid robot. A user from the MKme Lab channel decided to assemble Humanoid Robot InMoov and step by step lay out the process of its assembly. While on his channel you can find a very detailed description of the assembly of the arm and head of the robot.

    Robot God of air hockey

    You really like to play air hockey, but you are an introvert? Then we found a great company for you - a robot for playing air hockey. He will not distract you with unnecessary conversations and will make you pretty sweat. In a word - a worthy silent strong rival. The video shows the concept in action, and detailed instructions can be found here .

    Full-length BB8 droid I

    really want to have a cute robot from Star Wars, but is the Sphero BB-8 Droid too expensive? So it can be assembled independently, and in full size. It can be controlled from any smartphone, it speaks well and costs only 120 dollars. To collect it you will need various household materials and Arduino. A 17-year-old Filipino will tell you how to do this.

    Laser Shotgun

    Still Don't Love Your Neighbors? Then look at this guy ’s channel . It remains a mystery whether someone lives with him, and how he endures it. But you won’t even wish such a neighbor. And all because he collects 40W laser shotguns at home. The output of such a shotgun produces a beam of 40W, composed of 8 parallel beams of 5 W. The direction of the beams is adjusted by the lenses just like a shotgun throttle focuses a shot at a certain point. And he incinerates them everything that comes to his hand. You need to know in the face of the “ideal” neighbor.

    Freak DIY

    Ice Man in the Flesh A

    find for X-Men. The inventor invented a device on his arm, from which a trickle of liquid nitrogen comes out and freezes everything. I wonder if you come with this to Halloween, then how will people perceive it?

    Violin in steampunk style

    It is difficult to imagine why the author needed to do this with the violin, but his description of the video is very brief and concise: “How to electrify the violin and make music teachers sob.” Either sobbing with magnificence, or of horror, but you can understand this by watching the video.

    Magic tools of a Swedish musician

    It was difficult in the vastness of the network not to encounter the incredible tool of the Swedish inventor - marble machine . At the moment, he is improving it and plans to collect it in a smaller amount to tour with him with his band Wintergatan. On his channel, he posted about ten videos about how he assembled this tool and explained how it works.

    But this invention is not his only one. He continues to experiment and collect incredible things. The last instruments are the music box, which he accompanies on the module.

    This is where our small guide to simple and incredible inventions ends. And what kind of DIY that excites your imagination have you encountered?

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