Smart Flic button helps you to remotely control your smartphone, home appliances and electronics

    On Indiegogo, a new rising star has appeared above the horizon : the Flic project . A campaign to raise funds for the project has already raised 320 thousand dollars instead of 80 thousand requested by the developers. And before the end of the campaign - another month. Most likely this campaign will be one of the most successful in the history of Kickstarter.

    What is a Flic? The device looks unusual: it is a button that, as it were, lives on its own. At the same time, you can attach any function of a smartphone (or some smart device) to such an action as pressing a button. One button can be linked to three different functions.

    Here's how it works:

    In the case of the device, besides the button itself, is hidden the wireless Bluetooth communication module, which transmits a signal to the device and receives a response. Connecting with a Flic smartphone is a matter of a dozen seconds, after which you can begin to explore the possibilities of such a bundle.

    As an example, developers cite features such as taking a photo, searching for a smartphone, controlling the player, calling a selected number, sending their coordinates to a pre-selected phone number.

    Something similar has already appeared on Kickstarter, if my memory serves me right. But Flic is the most functional of all such devices.

    You can use not one but several buttons at once. For example, use them in a car for quick access to smartphone features.

    I personally know a lot of people who constantly lose their phone at home, and searches drag out for a long time. Flic solves this problem.

    Several functions can be attached to one button at once, setting the reaction to various actions (single click, double click, hold the button).

    Does a loved one often need help? Then you can attach the button directly to the clothes. By the way, Flic is a waterproof device, it is not afraid of rain.

    If some smart device is attached to the phone, then you can control such a device. In addition, the developers have provided compatibility Flic with Harmony Hub - a smart hub from Logitech, with a separate kit.

    The smart button developer also provides a kit for developers. Well done guys, think ahead.

    The cost of the button is low - only 27 US dollars. For "give two" you need to pay $ 49 - saving. The campaign has already raised much more than was required, so the button will definitely appear on the market. This should happen in March 2015.

    We also ordered a couple of sets, we will certainly test them when we receive them, and tell you about the test results.

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