Simple Science - Experiment Digest # 38


    We continue to publish on Geektime digests from Simple Science. And today, in addition to our videos, there will be another one from our viewer who also shoots similar videos.

    In today's issue:
    • smoke in a glass;
    • electrochromic film;
    • memory wire;
    • video from the filming of the program "EXperiments" for the channel Science 2.0.

    Smoke in a glass

    Experience demonstrates the result of a chemical reaction of a 25% percent solution of ammonia and concentrated hydrochloric acid.
    NH3 + HCl = NH4Cl

    Electrochromic film

    The electrochromic film consists of two layers of a film with an internal conductive layer and a liquid crystal base. In the off state, the crystals are randomly arranged, forming an opaque white-matte surface, scattering transmitted light. When voltage is applied, crystals instantly stabilize, the film becomes transparent and transmits light.

    Technical characteristics of the film: power supply 90-110V, current 0.1A / m2, power - 7 W / m2, switching speed - less than 1 sec., Transparency 7-75%, switching resource more than 100 thousand times, operating temperature range from - 40 ° C to + 75 ° C.

    Memory wire

    This experience is from our viewer. Every next video he turns out better and better, who are interested, I recommend subscribing.

    Video from the filming of the program "EXperiments" for the channel Science 2.0

    The program has not yet been aired on TV, these are working materials from the filming. As for the sensations from the inside of the vacuum packaging, I can say that it is better to try once than to see a hundred times. When the package begins to squeeze you, in addition to complete immobilization, a sense of fear is added.

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