DIY fundraising and crowdfunding

    A couple of weeks ago, a small but very useful WordPress donation collection plugin was quietly updated .
    The new version has the opportunity to do full-fledged campaigns (almost like on the Planet or Kikstareter there), but directly on your site. There are ready-made campaign templates, “thermometers” / “progress bars”, automatic generation of donor lists and all sorts of little things like shortcodes, widgets, and other “corrective donations”.
    Of course, against the background of such news about Yandex.Money and such news about Webmoney, this went very quietly and chamberly.

    Watering Can is a free open source plugin for WordPress that allows you to collect donations for your project - for organizations or individuals.

    This plugin is already used by dozens of NGOs to raise funds, including Wikimedia RU, the Civic Assistance Committee, the Center for Equal Opportunities Up, and others.

    Almost a fairy tale. But there are also difficulties. Now payments are only available through Yandex.Money, Chronopay and bank receipts, which, of course, is wonderful, but not enough. The guys from the Greenhouse of Social Technologies screw RBCmani and Webmoney there (and they will screw it someday).

    And I want more. Paypal, bitcoins, some other coins, Robokassu, for example. Intercassa will do too.

    All code is on github and is available here .

    Write a connector to your favorite payment system - several hours / days / weeks - depending on qualifications. Helping save millions of cats is priceless.

    I know that representatives of the aforementioned payment systems read Habr and Gictimes - I urge you to join the development! By writing 20 lines of code, you will not only promote your payment system, but also help various NPOs more efficiently collect money to save children / wildlife / and other beautiful creatures.

    Send pull requests.

    Upd from 10.12.2014 RBKmoney and Webmoney added .

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