Roskomnadzor will not block Roskomsvoboda for posting instructions on circumventing site blocking

    The representative of Roskomnadzor Vadim Ampelonsky said that the agency is ready to exclude Roskomsvoboda from the register of banned sites, the BBC writes . "Roskomsvoboda" removed ads for traffic anonymization and encryption as a way to circumvent the law - that is, information that is recognized by the court as unlawful, "Ampelonsky said.

    True, there is one condition - deleted information should not reappear on the resource. “We will monitor the site of Roskomsvoboda until the expiration of the decision to block, that is, until Friday evening. If the unlawful information does not appear on it again, then we will put the resource on exclusion from the registry, ”the spokesman of the department added. At the time of publication of this material, “illegal” materials that Ampelonsky spoke of did not appear on the Roskomsvoboda website, so we can talk about a high probability of exclusion from the list of prohibited sites.

    As already reportedon Geektimes, the head of the Roskomsvoboda website Artem Kozlyuk announced the possibility of blocking the resource in Russia. The site administration was notified that the project was included in a single register of banned Internet resources. The reason is the information posted on the portal about how to bypass locks on the Internet, as well as information about anonymizers. The decision on the illegality of the information posted on Roskomsvoboda was made by the Anapa court in April 2015.

    At the same time, the situation looks rather strange, since representatives of Roskomnadzor previously stated that bypassing site locks does not contradict the law. This strangeness was aggravated a day later, when a spokesman for the department announced that Roskomnadzor supported the idea of ​​blocking Roskomsvoboda. “We see the desire of a certain group of Internet activists to advertise anonymizers as a means of bypassing locks. In fact, they say to users: the law can not be executed, and we will tell you how, ”he commented on the situation.

    Now, it seems that the resource has managed to avoid blocking, but it is not yet clear how the situation will be in the future, not only with Roskomsvoboda but also with other sites that have decided to publish information about ways to bypass site blocking in the Russian Federation.

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