Google blocked by Roskomnadzor

    Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to quickly monitor current information and misinformation. The Internet has not been arranged for a long time on the principle of one resource - one IP, one service - one check.

    Today, there is a large flow of complaints that Google bookmarks, password manager, search do not work; but it works when the VPN is on. Read the comments here .

    PS This article was written in order to obtain operational information through comments and, I hope, will be supplemented.


    Not working or working intermittently: YouTube, Google Search, Google Services.

    UPD 2. Due to the uncertainty of the situation, a survey has been added.

    PPS Surely, many companies have suffered as a result of fan locks. For us, OsmAnd lost 50% of the boot servers from the CDN. Today without Google and Apple, the development and support of mobile applications does not make sense at all. The question arises, which sooner or later must be answered.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    What to do for a company for which Russia is important as a segment, but is not critical

    • 40.7% Block users from Russia, explaining that it is safe to use only services from VPN 975
    • 28.9% Relocate to Russian data centers if it proves economically feasible 693
    • 30.3% Jump on subnets like Pavel Durov and constantly monitor the situation 726

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