Briefly about the formats of fiscal documents: jambs version 1.0 and the transition to versions 1.05 and 1.1

    So, we continue the conversation about FZ-54 and online booking offices. Entrepreneurs who are waiting for the second wave of automation will find it useful to learn about the requirements for the design of a cash receipt, what information should be contained in them, and how this is associated with fiscal drives of different versions. In this article we will talk more about fiscal document formats (FFD), the nuances of switching from version to version, and the pitfalls of processing and transferring data about cash transactions in OFD.

    In the last article, we talked about what a fiscal drive is and what the numbers 1.0, 1.05, and 1.1 mean in its description.

    Numbers indicate versions of the fiscal document format (FFD).

    Before delving into the topic of FFD, we denote the terminology:

    What is FFD

    The format of fiscal documents is a set of details established by law for the exchange of data on fiscal transactions. Since there are several participants in this exchange ( online ticket office of the entrepreneur, OFD, FTS), the information should be transmitted in a single format.

    What is CRF

    There are millions of online cash desks, and in order for the necessary data from the CCP to go through the Internet to the tax authorities, there are OFDs - state accredited organizations that provide services of connecting online cash desks to their data centers, encrypt these data, organize and transfer them to the tax authorities in the necessary im format. The conclusion of a contract with the OFD is mandatory for an entrepreneur using cash registers (CCP).

    What is the Federal Tax Service

    The Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation (Federal Tax Service of Russia) is the federal executive body (more)

    So, now more about the FFD, and what is important for the entrepreneur to know.

    FFD Versions

    There are currently three versions of the FFD: 1.0, 1.05, 1.1. ( Order No. MMV-7-20 / 229 @ dated 03/21/2017 ) The

    FFD determines the composition, format and order of details that should be displayed in all fiscal documents (cash receipt, electronic check, BSO, report on opening / closing shifts, report on registration, etc.)

    FFD versions differ among themselves in a set of mandatory details of fiscal documents.

    FFD 1.0 - is supported by all online cash registers that are in the registry. This is the very first fiscal data format that was released at the start of federal law No. 54 on the mandatory transition to online cash registers with fiscal drives.

    Who got into the first wave of FZ-54 and bought cash desks with FN 1.0, we think, remembered a lot of amazing synonyms for the word "unfinished." From the "lucky" required considerable ingenuity for the correct execution of operations. A set of details, which is not complete in 1.0 and some of the standards described in FZ-54, it cannot provide.

    For example, the requisite “Place of Settlement”, which by law should be printed on the check, depending on the actual location of the cash desk, could not be changed, and the address indicated when registering the cash desk was always printed.

    Such operations as payment "Advance", "Credit" were not provided at all, well, apparently forgotten. Manufacturers of various cash register softwares were sophisticated as they could, someone “Advance” carried out as a sale of “Gift Cards”, someone else came up with some options, but the accounting of enterprises was shocked by this, because advance tax payments and gift cards are different. We also encountered this problem when we were engaged in the development of DM software. Mobile trading taking into account FZ-54.
    example : Let's say you make furniture to order. For manufacturing services, you must take an advance from the client and break the check, because you accepted the cash. And after the provision of the service and the delivery of furniture to the client, you must also break through the check for the remaining payment amount. With FN 1.0 this is not possible. You can only give the client a receipt on the advance payment, but this will be a violation of the law. In fact, with FN 1.0 you do not have the right to accept a partial prepayment in cash as an advance.
    And only in the process of the new rules already in force, lawmakers began to think about the nuances of the trade and service business and introduce FFD 1.1. This is a complicated matter (how this business works there - this is a dark matter), and this time they decided not to rush - they released FFD 1.05 as an intermediate format, where the basic frank jambs of the first version were fixed.

    If for a retail store that sells goods at a fixed cash desk, there are almost no problems with 1.0, then we, as developers of courier delivery software , faced a lot of problems. And this is not only the “place of settlement”, which should be the delivery address where the courier brought the goods and calculates the buyer, but also, for example, “agent sales”.

    It is no secret that many online stores use someone else's courier service, and according to FZ-54 there should not be any checks pre-punched. It turns out a courier from another organization breaks a check at "his" cash desk, delivering goods to an online store. To do this, there is an agency agreement so that the courier service does not pay income taxes for the "online store". Such sales should be displayed on the check as “agency”, and the check must contain the details of the supplier of the goods, i.e. online store. The same story was with the commissioned goods. All this has already been taken into account in FFD 1.05.

    As for the report on the closure of the shift and the amount of cash proceeds, as previously reported in the Z-report when using EKLZ, this was not provided for in version 1.0 either, such an opportunity appears only in version 1.1.

    Transition from version 1.0 to versions 1.05 and 1.1

    In order to switch from 1.0 to 1.05, an entrepreneur needs to upgrade the cash desk to firmware supporting FFD 1.05 without replacing the fiscal drive. To switch to FFD 1.1, in addition to the firmware of the device, it is necessary to replace the fiscal drive itself with a drive with a new version 1.1.

    Format 1.0 officially only works until 01/01/2019, then everyone should switch to at least 1.05. When there will be a mandatory transition from 1.05 to 1.1 is not yet known. But it would be logical to assume that the new payrolls will be sold already with the format 1.1 and gradually all cash registers, with the planned replacement of the payloads, will switch to the 1.1 format.

    In formats 1.05 and 1.1, the following details already appear:

    • Sign of payment method (Prepayment 100%, Advance payment, Partial payment and credit, Transfer on credit, Credit payment, Full payment)
    • Data on agents, in the case of work under an agent agreement
    • Calculation subject (just goods, excisable goods, work, services, game rate, winnings, payments, payments, etc.)
    • The amount of VAT per item
    • Settlement Location
    • Check Sender Email
    • personal cashier's TIN


    How to upgrade from version 1.0 to 1.05

    Before moving from version to version, first make sure that all fiscal documents of the old version were sent to the OFD. This can be done by printing a report on the current state of settlements, which will indicate the date of the first document not submitted to the OFD, as well as their total number.

    If you have a stand-alone cash desk, you just need to reflash it.

    If we are talking about a fiscal registrar that works as part of a front-office software (i.e., it is connected and managed by some cash program from a PC), then the scheme is complicated:

    • it is necessary to clarify whether this particular cash desk and this particular software support working with the fiscal document format version 1.05
    • if so, update the software version if necessary
    • Further update the firmware at the checkout
    • and then generate a "report on the change of registration parameters of the CCP" due to a change in settings at the checkout (code 4).

    In custody

    It is important for entrepreneurs who bought and use cash registers with FN 1.0 to know that even if the FN period is ordered later than 01.01.2019, they need to install FN version 1.05 or 1.1 before this date, regardless of the expiration date of the FN 1.0 itself.

    Entrepreneurs of the second wave of FZ-54, who will have to automate from scratch, we recommend this with a view to the future. There are still a lot of legislative initiatives on the end-to-end accounting of goods and cash flows, so you can already think about software for trade and bar-code equipment , i.e. about the comprehensive automation of your business.

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