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    The Internet offers great opportunities for distance learning development and programming. Our YouTube channel Technostream has been introducing a huge number of people to the programming world for 5 years. Today the channel offers more than 1000 video lessons on a variety of IT topics, it is watched by more than 83,000 IT people. And to help you navigate the abundance of videos, we decided to create a convenient guide to the vastness of Technostream.

    Technostream was created by Mail.Ru Group with the support of the best technical universities in the country - MSTU. N. E. Bauman, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow State University, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. It is in these universities that our employees train students weekly as part of two-year educational programs and short courses.

    We record all courses and quickly publish them in free access to the Technostream channel. The viewer receives cutting-edge relevant knowledge and real working examples from real industry experts.

    Where to start

    It’s best to first look around the main page and evaluate the material as a whole. Beginners often "dive" in one course and do not even suspect what valuable knowledge they miss in the next section (playlist).

    Our most popular playlist is Courses . More than 50 courses on programming and related fields have been posted at Technostream now. The entries are visually divided by cover so that our students can navigate which course is taught at which university (blue covers are Technopark from Baumanka, green ones at Moscow State University, red ones at MIPT).

    For newbies

    The best place to start is with general introductory courses:

    The courses are more general and introduce future developers to a wide range of technologies and the general principles of web applications. These courses “immerse” students in web development topics and help them choose specific technologies.
    For those who are interested in programming languages, Technostream offers the following lectures:

    However, programming itself is a very broad concept, so it will be useful for beginners to take other elementary courses:

    For intermediate level

    After mastering the entry-level courses, you can safely deepen your knowledge:

    Advanced level

    And for the most experienced programmers, we offer:

    Many courses are updated and rewritten annually, in addition to the newest courses, you can find on the channel and records of past years.

    Among the professions that can be mastered with Technostream's lectures are a web developer, an analyst, a mobile and system developer, a security specialist, a tester, a unix administrator, and other narrower specializations. You can not only try your hand in any direction, but also learn programming to the level necessary for an internship in an IT company.

    The main features of most courses in the format of short review videos can be found in the " Overview of our courses " playlist .

    Master classes on the most relevant IT topics. This section contains over 50 lesson and webinar entries. The topics of the workshops range from general programming questions and language selection tips to more in-depth topics for advanced students and recommendations on building an IT career.

    TOP 15 most popular topics

    Your talk show for programmers

    In addition to lecture notes and master classes, we launched the talk show “ OH, MY CODE ”. This is a series of short interviews with Mail.Ru Group team leads, in which we reveal current IT topics, conduct online code reviews and blitz polls, discuss emergency situations and useful cases, and much more. Do not miss the releases:

    Mitap and live broadcasts

    The video from the mitaps appears regularly on the channel and live broadcasts are held:

    About our educational projects . This section is for those who are interested in offline learning. Here you can find out about Mail.Ru Group educational projects, internships at the company and programming championships.

    In addition, we post on Technostream recordings of events and activities of our projects, including various meetings and conferences that take place in the office of the company.

    Events and activities:

    Around our channel has already formed a community of IT people who regularly exchange opinions, ask questions about lectures, recommend literature and discuss problematic moments in learning.

    Join, see, study with us!

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