3 common design errors that are easy to fix

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    Hello! There is a rubric in the VKontakte Logos community within which we give subscribers design tips. We show what can be changed in the schedule so that the design looks neater and more understandable. Today, on the example of the participants in our column, we will consider what techniques can refresh your design.

    1. Emoreco: add personality

    Original logo and project description

    Example of use

    The main problem of the logo was the mismatch of the image and the task: the sign resembles a bunch of faceless blockchain logos, it looks strict and unfriendly. We would like this project to look more friendly.

    Before / After

    As the key images, we chose the “smiles” and “dots” that are characteristic of computer vision software. Different colors of “dots” show a variety of emotions - this technique can be used in the entire corporate identity.

    A font with soft forms emphasizes openness for communication, and writing the name in lowercase makes the logo less detached from consumers.

    Deciphering the concept

    Examples of using the new style


    The result is a modern and friendly sign that invites the consumer to interact.

    2. Device: add recognition

    Original logo

    Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of information, so we will focus on fixing obvious errors.

    Such a logo is quite difficult to distinguish from any other logo for repairing equipment, we decided to add a key color.

    Before / after

    In addition, we made the graphics easier due to the thin font and lowercase letters, and made the sign more accurate.

    Media Design Examples


    The logo turned out to be modern and now causes the necessary association in the eyes of the consumer.

    3. RocketExpress: simplify graphics

    The original logo and description of the project (jackals are not ours, it was, honestly)

    The main drawback of the old logo is outdated graphics. Now it looks too detailed and childish. Based on the general tendency towards simplification, we got rid of all the excess in the sign by constructing a form based on geometric primitives.

    Before / after

    To create a recognizable image, we left only red and dark gray as company colors, and we chose yellow for emphasizing.

    Examples of branded carriers

    Hefty chic Kamaz


    With simplified graphics, the logo has become much easier to use.

    That's all!

    If you want to become a member of the #logomachine_help column, leave a description of your project and the current logo in the comments. We will choose interesting projects and help them with the logo as in this issue.

    The article was prepared by Dania from the Logomachine

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