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To develop, learn about technologies and keep abreast of the latest approaches is especially important for an IT specialist. Reading a book is not always convenient; not everyone likes to watch video reviews and takes a lot of time.

Keep up to 50 IT podcasts about technological innovations in the field of information security, cloud technology, IoT, testing and project management. All podcasts are in English, for listening you need to know it at the upper intermediate level and above.

For those whose English notes are good, we collect podcasts in Russian. It will be cool if you help! Write in the comments that you are listening - together we will make a suitable selection.

// Information Security


Data Breach – Today


The Data Breach Today Team is part of the Information Security team at Media Group, Corp. The guys share news from the world of data protection: how to detect a leak, conduct preventive maintenance and avoid trouble. In addition to cool articles, you will find interviews with experts who share their experience in risk management, fraud prevention and modern information security tools.

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Data driven security


Talk about making information security decisions with data. You will learn a lot about data analysis and visualization of results.

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Packet pushers


Resource for data professionals. Engineers discuss the latest industry news with invited experts: the operation of networks, the protection of data centers and corporate structures.

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Risky business


Since 2007, Patrick Gray has been immersed in complex topics and current issues in the IT industry. He discusses various topics with invited experts, from big data to system architecture.

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The Virtualization Security Round Table Podcast


The TVP Strategy podcast looks like an open forum with several experts to discuss news related to the virtual environment and cloud computing. Podcast entries are stored here:

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// IT news


Accidental Tech Podcast


The authors wanted to gash a car show, but accidentally launched a technical podcast that became popular (ha ha). They talk about different things: gadgets, technological innovations, Apple news, coding, and that's all.

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Andreessen Horowitz's a16z Podcast

@ a16z

Andreessen Horowitz's - a fund for supporting tech startups. The fund’s podcast discusses technological innovations, expert opinions, the market situation, legal issues regarding technology and a bit of politics. You can listen to interviews with entrepreneurs who are developing their own IT projects. More for geeks, of course.

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Bad voltage


Podcast about Open Source and technology with fun jokes. On the site you will find author reviews, interviews and simply useful resources.

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Channel 9

@ ch9 A storehouse of

knowledge from Microsoft. Developers and other company employees discuss current topics of the IT community.

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Daily Tech News Show

@acedtect The

host of a group of enthusiasts and industry analyst Tom Merritt. Interesting stories from the field of technology, the opinions of authors and experts on various events.

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Weekly open source podcasts from Bloomberg. Together with reporters, Brad Stone discusses innovative news from the world of technology.

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FLOSS Weekly


Every week they discuss the best open source projects and free software. Respect to the authors!

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FLOSS Weekly 463: Linkered
FLOSS Weekly 458: Crail


IT Pro Show

@ Same3Guys

Eight years of leading IT Pro Show broadcast top news, industry trends and career tips for IT professionals. Each week, new technologies are discussed and their impact on specialists and the industry as a whole.

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263: Easy on the Chips
262: The Chip Problem not the Bond Movie
ITPS261: The Mid-Season Finale


LINUX Unplugged


On Jupiter Broadcasting, you’ll find the best Linux podcasts, Open Source, privacy, and technology news. LINUX Unplugged - podcasts based on the opinions of authors who try to use different attributes from open sources and talk about the best.

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PC Perspective

@pcper Discuss the

latest product reviews and news related to hardware and desktop upgrades.

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Recode / decode


Technical journalist Kara Swisher interviews businessmen and industry experts to discuss technology trends.

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Full transcript: Spark Capital partner Megan Quinn on Recode Decode
Full transcript: Author Noam Cohen calls social media a 'wrecking ball' on Recode Decode
Full transcript: Luxury design marketplace 1stdibs CEO David Rosenblatt on Recode Decode


SpokenEdition - Tech & Gadgets by Gizmodo

@Gizmodo Gizmondo’s

podcast will replace reading long articles you don’t have time for. The latest news from the world of IT and design, articles, trends and technologies - that's it!

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Tech news today


Daily podcast on weekdays and live. The latest news of the day with technical journalists - engoy!

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Tech policy podcast


Interviews with legal professionals and IT regulations. It will be useful to technical directors who lead international projects or work in a foreign market.

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Techdirt was launched in 1997 by entrepreneur Mike Masnik. Now this is a large platform over which a whole team is working. Use proven sources for research in technology, politics and law. In addition to podcasts, you can read articles or study materials on IT topics.

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A weekly podcast on information systems and networks from Jupiter Broadcasting discussing stories that affect people in the technology industry.

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The hanselminutes podcast


Scott Hanselman is a professor and author who has been blogging for over a decade. In a podcast, he interviews technology industry leaders.

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This Week in Enterprise Tech


Each week, facilitators choose a topic to devote to news and reviews. For example, this week they discuss the dense world of corporate technologies and the intricacies of their implementation.

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Three Devs and a Maybe

@ 3DevsAndAMaybe

A daily podcast about everything related to software development.

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Every week, Leo Laporte with invited experts discusses the most outstanding people in the world of technology and their projects.

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// IT in medicine and bioinformatics


Health IT in Action


podcast from HIMSS, a technology-based healthcare company. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists share their experiences, talk about their careers and technological solutions that help them in their work.

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Healthcare Informatics

@HCInformatics A suitable

source for bioinformatics and specialists at the intersection of medicine and technology. They touch upon topics of patient access to medical records, which technology companies can develop something cool for the medical field, technology compatibility and much more.

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Healthcare Information Security Podcast


Find everything related to IT and healthcare: management, fraud, mobility and that’s all. In an interview with experts, they discuss the latest and current topics in medicine and technology.

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Health Tech Tech Talk


Podcast authors Terry Baker and Kelly Hill discuss technologies used in medical services - from software to bioinformatics.

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// IT management


Career tools

Manager Tools consulting company’s podcast on managers ’performance and productivity. Tools, management life hacks and development management tips.

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Intel Chip Chat


A series of podcasts with industry leaders in an informal and friendly environment. Designed for Intel IT managers and filled with useful data processing, analytics, artificial intelligence and cloud solutions.

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Manager tools feeds

Another podcast from the creators of Career Tools, which is dedicated to the IT management guru. We did not notice the difference - also about career tools and personal effectiveness.

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The Manager Tools Performance Review System - Part 4
The Basics of Calendar Management - HOF
How to Prewire a Meeting - HOF 2017


SearchCIO Podcast


These guys have several podcasts dedicated to various topics: business in the field of software, work of data centers, management in IT and others - choose to your liking!

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// Cloud computing and Internet of things


Cisco Data Center Podcast


Well, you understand that the Cisco podcast is about data processing. Listen to the opinions of the developers and engineers of the company about new technologies in the work of the data center, tools and research.

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Dabcc radio


Talk show by Douglas Brown, an IT professional with twenty years of experience. The author communicates with specialists in the field of IoT, cloud computing, mobile development, VR and other trending areas.

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36. IoT Podcast

Since 2001, a technical journalist has been covering the topic of IoT: how the industry is changing, its state of the market, the application of technology in business and increasing its effectiveness.

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ipSpace Software Gone Wild


The author has been developing and implementing large-scale service and corporate networks, as well as teaching and writing technology books since 1990. He developed ipSpace Gone Wild, and now talks about software - from Linux to data centers and network trends.

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A weekly cloud computing podcast. About the use of Azure, DevOps, IoT, SaaS and other tools for creating and working in the cloud.

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The Cloudcast # 330 - Oracle's Next-Generation Cloud IaaS
The Cloudcast # 327 - 2017 in Review & 2018 Predictions
The Cloudcast # 325 - The Next Step in Development Automation




A review of VR technologies from VMWare comes out every two weeks: tools, new products, fresh solutions - that's all.

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This Week in Virtualization


Podcast from TechTarget, an IoT solution developer. The authors discuss the latest and industry impact on the work of IT managers and system administrators.

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Veeam community podcast

The @veeam

Resource is dedicated to virtualization and brings together bloggers, experts, and IoT professionals. Each week, a half-hour podcast comes out from a VMware employee, reviewing the latest news from the world of the Internet of things.

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VMware Virtualization Podcast


Interviews with experts about the future and prospects of virtualization (yes, again VMware)

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// QA and tutorials

43. Ask Noah Show

Podcast Year - launched in March 2017. They talk about business in IT and technology in general, every week.

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Pushing the Limits of Linux
Meltdown and Specter
Net Neutrality

44. Codebreaker

Talk about technology by answering simple questions. For example, in the second season they answer the question "can technology save us?" Resource counter: to listen to the next record, you need to crack a file (hehe).

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Hacker public radio

@HPR The

host has been living for 12 years and is not going to die. It is interesting in that the presenters are the listeners themselves, therefore they raise topics of interest to the community. Anyone can become a presenter: each listener is invited to record a podcast at least once a year in order to contribute to the support of the resource.

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@ hak5

A weekly show on YouTube that talks about open source software, network infrastructure, and hack testing. The guys have a lot of similar suitable channels on the topic, you will definitely find something for yourself.

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Runas radio


Weekly talk show releases for those using Microsoft products. Half-hour broadcasts are devoted to specific topics and solving problems using Microsoft products. The resource is owned by Richard Campbell, Microsoft MVP, an experienced consultant and entrepreneur.

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Software Engineering Radio


Here you will find tutorials and interviews with industry leaders on various topics that will be of interest to software developers and programmers. On the podcast they do not discuss the news and do not hype on every technology; here they create educational content aimed at learning new things.

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TechStuff by HowStuffWorks

Podcast about the people and companies that create and sell technology solutions. They discuss the impact of technology on modern life and simply give the brain a little rest after a hard day.

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CES 2018 Roundup
Dip Into the 7 Layers of the OSI Model
The Tech of Stranger Things

50. TED Talks Technology

And then these guys! Get inspired, listen to world leaders, learn about interesting experiments and new technologies - TED Technology to the rescue!

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