Hyundai motor group introduced the concept of wireless charging and autonomous parking

    On its official website, the Hyundai motor group posted a video that demonstrated a new direction in the development of autonomous driving and wireless charging.
    In the aggregate, 2 these technologies will allow the driver to get off the car, select the necessary options on the phone and the car will park itself, and if necessary, it will also be recharged. All that needs to be done is to confirm the action for the car, and it will find a parking space in the autonomous mode, where the induction charging station will be installed, parked, and after a full charge, it will release the slot and find an empty parking space free of charge.

    Further, everything is simple, after the owner of the car copes with his affairs, selects the option of calling the car on the phone, and the latter arrives offline to the driver.
    Yes, many people promise such driving autonomy. For example, Tesla has a video on the site , Audi has been driving in a parking lot offline. However, autonomy and charging at the same time is an even better option. The same Tesla showed in 2015


    which itself connected the cord. But, so far, it has not reached implementation.
    Koreans are planning to implement these systems on all vehicles of the group, both Hyundai and Kia. It is assumed that they will enter the commercial production of cars with such systems in the mid-20s.

    There are opinions that charging problems are simply contrived. Yes, when there is free space, no problem. But there are cases when drivers deliberately or not parked where it is convenient, despite the fact that parking lots are designed for electric cars. In this case, it will already be the "problems" of the car to find a place for charging and further parking.

    In general, the direction is correct and necessary. In the meantime, the electric car market has not yet formed, Koreans are investing in many areas. For example, Ioniq from Hyundai is in 3 versions: a car with internal combustion engines, a hybrid and an electric car with battery. The latter is produced in small batches, although there is a very high demand. The best indicators of energy consumption - many are impressive, despite the low mileage, a little more than 200 km on 1 charge.

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