How to make hate performers

    About the feedback that makes you want to kill

    Hi, I’m a business analyst and often watch the managers that everyone hates. Today I will tell you how to maximize the efficiency of converting employees into enemies.

    1. “This is unprofessional ...

    ... some armless students did it. Yes, I’ll draw it myself in five minutes. Hire already normal specialists. Your level does not reach this project ”- Lenya da Vinci read in his medieval mail a message from the boss.

    Well, the truth is, I constantly observe how the strongest people in the industry scratch their turnips, having received complaints of curvature from a young little sis who has just come to work. Somehow fate happened so that she is the boss, and they, therefore, are in the position of idiots, dreaming of ... Where are the kittens drowned there?

    How to:

    Before you go into insults, at least take an interest in the status and biography of the performers. And it’s better to do without it and immediately voice what exactly you don’t like.

    2. “My experience suggests that there is no soul in this text ...

    ... he is exactly the same as most companies, faceless and does not cause sympathy. I need five theses that are cult, and you sent me five phrases that can be found on any blog for advanced training and self-improvement. ”

    One warrant officer with great experience was beaten by soldiers in the canteen when the lights suddenly went out. When the lights turned on, all the soldiers were at one end of the canteen, and the benches with the leader were at the other end. It is not clear who to punish.


    Do not be like a warrant officer; avoid criticizing common words. Let's get closer to what specifically doesn’t like!

    3. “Users will not understand

    ... customers will not like it, partners will not appreciate it, my chuyka, eldest daughter, wife and grandmother will not approve ”

    Yes, they burn in hell, your damned relatives! You can’t stick another damn button somewhere on this screen in a mobile application!


    In order not to substitute your entire family, and so that others do not dream of tearing your chyuka off, you must first test the application on real users, and not come up with something for them. And yes, do not forget to talk only about what exactly does not suit you.

    4. “Indecent design ...

    ... he causes only laughter and malice ”

    Of course, after such a feedback the designer will not be able to overcome the irresistible desire to show you 10 more“ decent ”options. Or maybe he will immediately rush to look for the most competent replacement for himself, provide a choice of 20 candidates who will perform the competitive work, and then leave without a severance pay?

    Well, stop dreaming! Speaking of dreams. One of my friends artdir watches only BDSM-porn, because there, in his opinion, “they at least squeal for real”. Comrade often represents some of his leaders instead of porn actors.

    How to:

    Use as few adjectives as possible regarding the project and the personality of the author - this, let’s say, distracts from work. And yes, when will it be about what exactly does not suit you?

    5. “And if we paid you how you work?”

    Well, and how without hints that you, in which case, are ready to throw a specialist with payment? Of course, the subordinate will immediately change his mind and recover! Of course, for the sake of several minimum wages, everyone is ready to endure your screams and insane claims. After all, everything for the sake of money!

    Not really. After such threats, one can easily get retaliation in the spirit of dismissal by the entire department.

    How to:

    Well, tell me, finally, what exactly does not suit you! And if you can’t say, then admit: “Something doesn’t suit me, but I can’t formulate it.” And they will help you!

    And now step by step instructions on how to give feedback:

    1. Tadam! Did you get some feces instead of work?
    2. Start by examining TK - maybe this is what you ordered?
    3. No TK? Then read my article “Without TK” .
    4. If you have TK, then refer to it so that everything is strictly in the case, as agreed.
    5. TK - a curve? So explain it! "TK high definition" to help you.
    6. With due persistence and a sufficient number of iterations, sooner or later you will receive what was ordered in the TOR. One peephole is worth a glance “Not according to TK”
    7. In experience, it was cold-blooded perseverance and clarity of requirements that lead to success. Cries, threats, insults, theatrical grins over mistakes only distract everyone, see this for details:“How to get rid of smart employees in your company”

    * If you like Agile, then instead of TK there should be a card on Agile Board where the micro-task should be briefly described, preferably with a check list! Experienced fighters know that one does not interfere with the other: TK can be cut into cards. At the same time, the cards themselves need to be sculpted not in any way, but in the general structure of a large TK.


    1. Tell us what you specifically don’t like, or better yet, send a list of what you need to do.
    2. But do not tell what you think about work and the performer. Less adjectives!


    zharikovpro suggests that in the course of criticism it is necessary to set tasks with a measurable result and clear criteria:

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    What makes you want to kill the most?

    • 55.9% 1. This is unprofessional ... 155
    • 26.3% 2. My experience suggests that there is no soul in this text ... 73
    • 22.7% 3. Users will not understand, 63
    • 12.6% 4. Obscene design ... 35
    • 53% 5. And if we paid you that way, how do you work? 147
    • 5% 6. I will write my version in the comments 14

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