Freelance 2018: year results

    Summing up and briefly talk about what happened at Freelance - about the biggest launches, statistics, popular orders and other.

    Our biggest news this year is the introduction of free feedback on orders , up to five per day. We also changed the categorization on the site, opened the Club (a place for communication between freelancers and customers) and implemented many other minor changes.

    This year, freelance work on 26% more customers and performers than in the past. We also increased in terms of the number of registrations (by 15%), orders published (by 52%) and responses left (three times).

    More orders just been published in the categories of: Frontend , backend and Sites "turnkey" . The same categories were popular with freelancers (by the number of responses), but in a different sequence -Frontend , Sites "turnkey" , backend .

    The most active freelancer left this year 1467 responses, and the most active customer published 211 orders.

    Ten orders that received the most views:

    • Write funny scenarios for Vains and YouTube channel, 10 000 rubles for the project.
    • Development analogue, 200 000 rubles for the project.
    • Find employees in a marketing company in Switzerland, 35 000 rubles for the project.
    • Develop a program C ++, 100,000 rubles for the project.
    • Full stack / frontend / backend developers on a crypto-exchange, 250,000 rubles per month of work.
    • The module for recognition of state. numbers of cars without internet, on ios / android, 200,000 rubles per project.
    • Writing a golang disk / raid monitoring system agent for Linux / Windows / MacOS, 1000 rubles per hour.
    • Create a prototype of the welding machine of a new generation, 100,000 rubles for the project.
    • Create three pages of the site, 40 000 rubles for the project.
    • Development and collection of devices for monitoring soil moisture, 70 000 rubles for the project.

    Ten orders that received the most responses:

    • To reprint the text from a scan in Word, 3000 rubles for a project, 125 responses.
    • Designer for web projects, long-term cooperation, 125,000 rubles per project, 89 responses.
    • Development of an online flower shop, 200,000 rubles for a project, 88 responses
    • Creating and setting up advertising campaigns in Yandex and Google for a design studio, price is negotiable, 88 responses.
    • To order a taxi service, it is necessary to develop a website design, 25,000 rubles per project, 84 responses.
    • Advertising in direct (rsya, contextual) real estate agencies, price is negotiable, 83 responses.
    • Set context in Yandex.Direct, price is negotiable, 81 responses.
    • For a law firm, you need to create a website, 150,000 rubles for the project, 76 responses.
    • We need a contextologist for the project, 3,500 rubles for the project, 74 responses.
    • We need a logo for a bread maker, 5000 rubles and 73 responses.

    And this year we actively communicated with our freelancers , learned their secrets of efficiency, asked about difficulties in work, favorite books and much more. Glad you were with us. Do not switch, we have ambitious plans!

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