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Having been studying Java and graduate employment since 2013, I have accumulated a fairly large collection of links to topics related to resume writing, online tests, preparation for an interview and interviews, job search and tips for beginners. The part is suitable for all candidates, the part (in preparation) is specific to Java. I bring to your attention this selection:

Resume writing:



Tests / tasks online:

Interview Preparation

Passage of the interview:

Key job search sites:

Tips for beginners

  • Learn to articulate the problem. The “not working for me” problem can have thousands of reasons. In the process of formulating its solution very often comes.
  • Learn to research the problem. Attentive reading of logs and the ability to debut are the basic skills of the developer. In the logs you need to read the top of the lowest execution - there is the reason for the whole foot.
  • Competently spend time for each problem. Two extremes - immediately rush for help and beat us for hours. Try to solve it yourself and, depending on the problem, allocate reasonable time for this.
  • If you are explained something about the project - be sure to write it down.
  • When you receive a task, specify everything in great detail.
  • Get feedback in the decision process - whether you are heading in that direction.
  • Do not ignore shared lunches (smoking rooms)
  • Get ready for stand-ups / flies. Ask them sane questions. Show interest
  • Highlight the most important thing by interviewing the boss and important colleagues. Do not spray on trifles
  • Being a programmer: from childhood to adulthood
  • How to be a novice developer and not go crazy

Link Set: Algorithms / Coding Practice / Guides / ...

Enjoy reading / viewing and wish you not to drown in this sea of ​​information. Remember: it is impossible to know everything, the ultimate goal is to receive an offer. Go for interviews, the only way you can get real experience and in the end find your favorite job.

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