Biohacker Joshua Seiner Public Letter

Original author: Josiah Zayner
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I always come back to the question: “Would you go to prison to save someone's life?” As you can see, I get a lot of letters from people who seek medical help. I try to convince myself that I cannot help them, but the reality is that the system broke us. We must be ready to do everything to save lives. We must treat everyone as a loved one. Instead, people are left to die and suffer, because we, as a society, are too afraid to take responsibility for risky or state-of-the-art treatments.

I remember the first time someone emailed me. I was shocked for several months, wondering what I would do if it was a close friend or loved one. Every time I check my email, a new message from someone asking for help, it is so hard that it burdens me all the time. Now I get them by the thousands regularly. I am completely absorbed in trying to figure out how I can help them within the limits of the law.
In the world of gene therapy, most treatments are easy to replicate, because you can reconstruct DNA from scientific papers or patents. I can give the same exact treatment, the same purity and quality to anyone who was thrown out of a clinical trial. Price? Hundreds or several thousand dollars maximum. The same goes for immunotherapy.
How much longer will we all continue to sit while people suffer and die, and tell them that we will not help, because we have high morality and ethics, and we are trying to protect stupid people from the fact that they can aggravate the situation and cause themselves harm? The truth is that I have not yet met an incurable patient who does not want to risk it. Let's stop blaming the person with the disease and take responsibility for helping him.

Now I am starting a new project. Anonymization and distribution of some messages that I receive from people seeking medical help. Maybe this will help people see the world the way I see it. And my actions will not seem so crazy, but simply the actions of a person trying to help a little. And maybe, just maybe, it will inspire you to become crazy too.

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