Sberbank - you have a “package wrapper” for me, but I will not take it ...

    A story about the experience of the last communication with Sberbank on the issue of accepting payments on payment cards on the site when switching to a new format of fiscal data and the mess that accompanies it.

    I can not be silent, so impressed with their approach to the issue ...

    A little background and introductory information:

    As you know, for more than a year, our state has forced everyone to accept payments from individuals, “write out” online checks (even when accepting payments by card).

    This process may seem rather confusing.
    1. Сайт отправляет запрос на обработку платежа платежному провайдеру (Яндекс-касса, Сбербанк, другой банк или платежный сервис)
    2. В случае удачного проведения операции, провайдер отправляет запрос на формирование чека в онлайн-кассу клиента
    3. Онлайн-касса формирует чек и отправляет его одному из выбранных операторов фискальных данных (ОФД)
    4. ОФД сохраняет информацию, отправляет электронный чек клиенту и в налоговую

    In 2018, there are two versions of the fiscal data format: 1.0 (old) and 1.05 (new).
    From January 1, 2019, all should switch to the new data format.

    In the online checkout, this changes on the settings page (online).
    Sites should transmit two additional parameters for each item of the check (not difficult).
    And, it seems, everything, but ...

    Payments through Yandex-cash desk earned in the new format immediately and without problems, but the payment through the payment service of Sberbank was successful, but the online check was never received (there is no check data in the CRF).

    When contacting Sberbank support service, a very friendly employee said that it was necessary to further change the version of the data format on their portal. But, as it turned out, theseThere are NO settings on the PORTAL (from the word at all) .

    The employee did not lose his head and immediately said that it was not in the “new” portal, you go to the “old” (by yourself removing the extra numbers in the address) - and everything will be there, but this “trick” did not work out - the “old” portal just redirects to the "new". Well, nothing, you write to the support service and we will definitely decide everything ...

    So, the “advanced” company two weeks before the universal transition to a new data format releases a new version of its portal, in which there are no settings for the fiscal data format version, without which during Payments The online check issuance functionality does not work (for the absence of which, organizations accepting payments are fined).

    The next day came a response from the support service:
    “Returned access to the old LC ... to change the version of FFD.” The
    version was changed, but how to get the “missing” check for yesterday's operation, so no one answered ...

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