DevOops 2017 Piter: New conference from the Group, let's talk about DevOps

    Well-known fact: we at Group do not make conferences just like that, usually the idea of ​​each new project is some kind of problem. Such was found with us.

    When we were young and cheerful and used static site generators on Node.js (I’ll tell you in secret that we continue to use them), this story happened to us. We just moved to AWS and took the simplest EC2 instance, naively believing that we have enough 10 Gb of space for a dozen static sites. However, one fine day, we began to catch errors from the server that the disk space ... ran out. 10 sites on 10 Gb of space. Of course, we did not believe the hostile messages and quickly found out that the inode actually ended.

    A quick search revealed the vile culprit - it was JavaScriptNode.js, namely the node_modules folder. They considered the inode, and realized that there were a good hundred thousand of them. Okay, we thought, and screwed another 100 gigs. And now everything is fine: the 630k inode is busy, but there is still 6kk on top under the dependency of Node.js. I hope that this will be enough for the next six months ... And by the time they begin to end, at the new conference we will learn how to elegantly solve this problem.

    But seriously, on October 20 we will hold the DevOps conference DevOops 2017 Piter . One day, three tracks, all as you like. Who will speak, that we will discuss other details - under the cut.

    Briefly about the main thing

    The conference will be devoted exclusively to technical issues and traditionally hardcore. No management techniques, teambuilders and soft skills. We will talk about development automation (Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo), monitoring and debugging applications (New Relic, BPF, Dynatrace, XRebel, Glimpse and others), cloud technologies (AWS, Azure, Heroku and others), admin hardcore (containers, virtualization , orchestration, configuration).

    In addition, we will try to pick up reports with a breakdown of flights of large projects implementing DevOps: not only successful, but also failed. We believe that smart people can learn from other people's mistakes and will try to make you aware of the rake that awaits you.

    The conference will not be tied to a particular technology stack, so it will be interesting to everyone.


    Since there are still 4 months before the conference, there are not so many speakers, but each one is a real find! I would divide the speakers that have already been confirmed into two categories: “useful and incendiary” and “useful and hardcore”. See for yourself, in the first category with us:

    Baruch jbaruch Sadogursky - one of the most prominent DevOps-gurus who speak Russian. A great speaker, developer advocate from JFrog, the regular podcast of the Debriefing podcast. he even verified twitter! . Sometimes he mows under Javista to get on Joker and JPoint, and, it should be noted, does it very well! One of the main organizers of swampUP , the coolest DevOps conference in the Valley.

    Leonid Igolnik- An experienced speaker, a developer from CA Technologies with a twenty-year background, a venture investor. To understand how cool Leonid is, just listen to the 133rd edition of Debriefing.

    If we pay attention to technical multiplicity, then there is more choice:
    Oleg m0nstermind Anastasiev is an evil genius who forces nearly ten thousand servers to non-stop process millions of messages per minute without crashes and brakes. Oleg will talk about the cloud-based automatic resource management system, which is being sawn in Odnoklassniki, and, you know, I'm sure it will be cool.

    Sergey bsideup Egorov - lead DevOps podcast 2d1o, hardcore, what to look for, and, by the way, the first person who could clearly explain to me what DevOps is.

    Nikolai Ryzhikov is the Technical Leader of the Health Samurai team, which successfully creates a new generation medical system to automate the activities of doctors and other medical personnel in the United States. An activist of St. Petersburg Ruby & Clojure communities and the meta-community "PiterUnited". He performed fiery on Joker and HolyJS. Guru and human orchestra, perfect for DevOps!

    Paul Stack - HashiCorp developer (developers of Vagrant, Vault, Consul, Terraform, Otto) will share a hellish hardcore about developing tools for DevOps engineers.

    Erno Aapa - devoper for 6 years, active speaker and independent consultant, founder of the Finnish DevOps community.

    Reception open

    If you like not only gaining knowledge, but also sharing it, pay attention: now is the time to submit a report to us ! Although our strict program committee includes only truly good performances in the program, the same committee helps the speakers to bring their promising developments to an appropriate level - therefore, even if you do not have much experience in speaking, but have an interesting topic, do not be afraid to contact.

    And if you have experience, refer to the video recordings of the reports that you made earlier, and this will greatly accelerate the decision of the program committee.

    The main requirement: your report should be useful to other developers. We are interested in presentations on the following topics:

    • Containers, Orchestration (Docker, Kubernetes, Clusters, etc).
    • Virtualization, Cloud technologies (AWS, Azure, Heroku and others).
    • Monitoring and auditing applications (Prometeus, OkMeter, DataDog, BPF, Dynatrace, XRebel, Glimpse, Zipkin, OpenTrace and others).
    • Continuous Delivery (Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo).
    • Configuration Management (puppet, chef, ansible).
    • Security (Vault, etc.)
    • Debriefing on examples of large projects implementing DevOps: successful and failed.

    Program committee

    In the previous section, I wrote that the Program Committee will strictly judge the reports submitted and actively help those who are ready to prepare. In reality, the composition of the PC on DevOops is impressive: they are not just high-class engineers, they are speakers and participants with dozens of conferences and meetings behind them. In the near future, a full list of PC members will appear on our website .

    Discussion areas

    As with any of our conferences, there will be discussion zones at DevOops. Surely you know the feeling when you raise your hand to ask a question, and the moderator suddenly announces: “There is time for one question,” and of course, the choice does not fall on you, but during the break the speaker hides behind the doors of the speaker’s room.

    It is the discussion zones that answer the question “why go to conferences when you can find out everything on the Internet”. It's simple: to personally ask your personal, specific question. Well, we have created all the conditions for this: in long breaks, specially trained volunteers will lead the speaker into the allocated space with a board for notes and illustrations, seats and the ability to grab a cup of coffee. And here no one will limit your questions, comments and comments. Now not a single question will drown in timing.


    The conference program will be gradually replenished, and you can monitor its most current status on the DevOops 2017 Piter website . And now the sale of tickets is open on this site - until the end of June, the early bird price is valid. Therefore, it is better to follow the development of the program with a ticket in your pocket :)

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