ITMO University Digest: Business Projects, Initiatives, and Advice to Entrepreneurs

    At ITMO University, there are a large number of initiatives dedicated to the development of innovative business - from hackathons and lectures by participants in the venture community to partnership agreements with leading companies and representative offices of other countries.

    In today's digest, we publish a selection of materials on the projects of students and graduates of the University, as well as stories about events and useful initiatives that take place at the university - some of them may be of interest to future innovators. Flickr / Dennis Skley / CC

    Alumni Projects (and Alumni Projects)

    "Smart" feeder and collar: how to save the pet owner from unnecessary worries
    The story of the development of Alexander Efremov, a graduate student in the Department of Safe Information Technology, ITMO University, which creates “smart” gadgets for pets - a feeder and a collar that automatically feed the animal, as well as monitor its condition while the owner is not at home. A feeder equipped with scales and an automatic feed and water feed system will help keep your pet hungry. It is planned to integrate a heart rate monitor, a pedometer (to track the condition of the animal on the mobile application) and a GPS tracker in the collar in case the animal is lost.

    Business from the student bench: how the Surprise Me quest service was created
    A large interview with the founder of the project to create quests Surprise me (and the project manager ITMO.STORE) Alexander Golovaty. The story of what attracts developers to the project, why it is important to test hypotheses, where to find the first customers and how to continue to work on the project, combining it with other tasks and working somewhere else in parallel.

    How to make money on the desire to get out of the room and why people like it
    ITMO University graduate student Mikhail Tarasov shares his experience in creating his own project - mobile escape rooms (quests in reality) and gives recommendations to those who want to work in this direction. Read about the history of the project, the prospects of quests as a business, and how the FabLab of ITMO University helped the project.

    Course on a career: Courseburg platform will become a guide in the field of further education
    ITMO University graduate Alexander Alkhov is the founder of the Courseburg marketplace for schools and training centers. In an interview, he talks about how his project is arranged, and also gives the results of his own research on the market of courses and additional education: which niches (including those in IT) are “overheated” and which, on the contrary, are in demand by the market. Read more about how the project was created, read in this material .

    Searching for lost cats: ITMO University student has developed an application to help you find missing pets
    ITMO University student Maxim Averin talks about how he and other 3bots team members won the Audience Award at the Vkontakte Hackathon last November and taught the neural network how to find missing animals.

    Just add water: one-two-three good nutrition
    Material about the functional FOYT cocktail, which was created by Artyom Lepeshkin, a graduate of the Department of Applied Biotechnology at ITMO University. A cocktail can replace one of the meals and at the same time is completely natural, unlike analogues. The article tells about how the project developed - from the idea to the attraction of investments and plans for the future.

    Going for entertainment: how does Kickcity solve the question “where to go?”
    The Kickcity project (event search and event management application) is an iDealMachine accelerator graduate. Its founder, Gideon Nveze, talks about how this service appeared, how it works, and why its creators did not attract crowdfunding and turned first to the accelerator, and then to the accelerator of ITMO University.

    Saving a drowning man - the work of the innovative startup Aquatic Saver
    Another graduate of the acceleration program of ITMO University, the Aquatic Saver bracelet, which had no analogues in the world at the time of its creation. This gadget is worn around the neck and when an alarming situation arises in the water, it turns into a gas-filled rescue collar. At the same time, the device informs the rescue services and loved ones about the coordinates of the victim. Such a device will weigh about 170 grams. and will look more like a necklace, not a spa device. Read more about development in this material.

    Russian exoskeletons: how to bring a high-tech startup to the market
    Material about domestic developments in the field of exoskeletons - from medical gadgets to projects for rescuers of the Ministry of Emergencies. Among Russian devices, there is also the development of Nikita Lipovich, a student of the Department of Optical Fiber Photonics at ITMO University, an active orthosis that helps in the rehabilitation of patients with knee injuries.

    Graduate student designed a prototype of an accessible keyboard for blind people
    Maxim Dadochkin, a postgraduate student in the Department of Mechatronics, Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics, ITMO University, is developing a functional and inexpensive keyboard for people with low vision who uses Braille. The story of how the project appeared and develops.

    Tips for New Projects

    Startups versus venture capital officials: why do everything yourself
    At the end of last year, ITMO University put together a round table on Innovation and Venture Officials: You Can’t Wait for Cooperation at World Entrepreneurship Week. It, in particular, raised uncomfortable questions: for example, why investors give preference to IT projects and hardly invest in hardware, or what a startup should actually expect from investor money. Read about this and other topics discussed at the round table in this article.

    Why investors will not give money for your startup and how to fix it
    Evgeny Turvinenko, director of the Venture Club business angel club in St. Petersburg, and Vsevolod Khorunzhiy, an expert on business speeches and presentations of the UP business school, conducted an interactive lecture “Perfect pitch” at ITMO University. In the material on the event, read about the key points of a successful presentation to investors.

    How to create a university environment for the implementation of STI
    The head of the international laboratory "Mechanics and Energy Systems" (MES) Pavel Bulat talks about what the university should become in the near future in order to meet the requirements of the National Technological Initiative and become a platform for the development of technological projects.

    SafeNet: The Future Security Concept
    As part of a series of open lectures on the future and present of markets and technologies in the context of the National Technology Initiative, Valentin Makarov, President of the RUSSOFT Nonprofit Partnership, delivered a speech at ITMO University. The material about this meeting is about a new concept of cybersecurity, which should be implemented by 2035.

    Where do we go with NTI: project co-author Dmitry Peskov talks about his prospects
    An open lecture by Dmitry Peskov: a co-author of the National Technology Initiative project spoke at ITMO University. This article is a detailed story about what initiatives, projects and directions should be "shot" in the coming years and how the modern technological and business landscape in the country is changing.

    Both help and make money: ITMO University will teach you how to build a business that is useful to society
    The first acceleration program in the field of social entrepreneurship was launched at ITMO University. About how social entrepreneurship differs from ordinary and how they will teach it - in this material.

    Who needs small innovative enterprises in universities
    Report on the results of a meeting of lawyers and representatives of technology parks, business incubators and acceleration programs of St. Petersburg State University, Moscow State University, Polytechnic named after Peter the Great, Ingria Technopark and ITMO University and a story about what MIP is, what problems such companies face and how to solve them.


    Reload the year: how students promote development to the biotechnology market
    Material about the final (in 2016) event in the ITMO 3.0 project, in which students working with scientific projects in the laboratories of ITMO University got the opportunity to figure out how to market the results of their scientific work.

    Israel will show the world the developers of St. Petersburg technology parks
    Residents of the ITMO Technopark University took part in a pitch session at the Consulate General of Israel. As part of the interaction between Russian technology parks and Israeli businesses, domestic developments have the opportunity to enter the foreign market: why this is interesting for Israel and what prospects it gives domestic projects, read in this article.

    Agreement between ITMO University and the Arkhangelsk Region: to cooperate with the regions to enter the international market
    The university became a partner of the Corporation for the Development of the Arkhangelsk Region. This article is about how ITMO University can help local projects and what the idea and priorities of such cooperation are.

    Dubai accelerator TURN8 chose two Russian startups for investment
    In the Technopark of ITMO University, the selection was made to the Dubai venture fund TURN8: a story about the selection finalists and their projects, as well as what strengths of these businesses were noted by international investors.

    Developing cooperation: ITMO University Technopark representatives visited Belgium and Luxembourg with a business mission
    The task of the University team was to establish cooperation with leading research and innovative universities in Belgium, as well as to negotiate cooperation with major European technology companies. About the results of the trip and the results of the initiative - in this article.

    Electrolux is looking for talent: company representatives met with ITMO University innovators
    ITMO University collaborates with the company and holds meetings for its representatives with scientists and students of the University. About what projects and technologies Electrolux is interested in, and why it is important for companies and universities to develop such cooperation in this article.

    Model for assembly: a two-day 3D hackathon was held in St. Petersburg
    As part of Autodesk Developer Day, ITMO University hosts a hackathon dedicated to the development of Autodesk 3D modeling software solutions. Material about what the jury suggested last year and how their ideas were evaluated.

    ITMO University creates new tools for innovative development of regions
    ITMO University is expanding interaction with representatives of government, business and universities in the regions of Russia. The story of what activities and initiatives help to get support from ITMO University, even if the project was not originally associated with ITMO developers, students or graduates.

    Masters of FTMI will lead projects of the accelerator Future Technologies
    A story about the University’s new initiative, in which Future Technologies startup accelerator and the Department of Production Management and Technology Transfer of the Institute of Physics and Technology at ITMO University will attract undergraduate students to help projects from the accelerator.

    Techno style: which brokers are needed for production and universities
    What is technological brokerage, can it be learned and how does the modern interaction between the university and business work in this article.

    PS Already this Wednesday (May 24, 2017) in the American Rapid City, the final of the ACM ICPC 2017 world championship in sports programming will be held (ITMO University is one of the leaders of the championship). Watch the live broadcast of the championship and support our team!

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