"Content-2018": we look wider, we dig more deeply

    November 29, we again gathered a bunch of people to share content marketing experiences.

    No, everything was wrong, we have already done it once. Let's about augmented reality! Balloons! Art! Retraining of the humanities! The current "Content" was picked up by a fountain of fresh themes in 20 reports. The keynote of the conference was the topic of acquaintance of editors with programming. After all, who writes on Habr: either techies who have mastered the field of writing, or vice versa - humanists who have mastered the expert field of techies. To do this, we called 40 thematic speakers and divided them into two streams: technology and creativity. Many photos and details - under the cut.

    We held a conference in a cozy loft near the Baumanskaya metro station in Moscow. And from habraofis close, and the whole Gastrofarm near. But it hardly bothered anyone. We will not claim that they turned over Maslow's pyramid, but some of the spectators even did not give in to hunger. All day!

    The main hall is about to be filled with guests. Rate how interesting the wooden ball fits into the monochrome interior.

    Our partner Letters Metter. They made us a cool UFO T-shirt. The

    giant letters HABR are ready for the arrival of guests. By the letters relied markers, so that everyone can leave their mark

    Letters after the arts guests

    Our technology partner is RuVDS. Here, guests could recharge their gadgets

    Conference participants managed not only borzhomit, but also code.

    You can assemble your own sticker from Habr's sticker and partners on the sticker table

    in response to the Avito sticker test.

    Discussion about creative and technological trends in media. Sergey Baryshnikov from the Bigpicture participates instead of the sick Denis Kryuchkov. One of the main thoughts: “The problem of the media right now is that nothing revolutionary is happening. Therefore, the advertiser and tries bloggers "

    On the slide, you can guess that we are talking about augmented reality. Anastasia Batsueva from Super TV channel tells how to use AR in social networks. On foolish ears a la Snapchat, everything does not end - Anastasia cited examples of Asus, Nike, KIA and many more brands

    The bearded man is fascinated by the glass ball. It is symbolic. Before us is Danil Dehkanov from the FU2RE agency, he talked about how the RuVDS project was being prepared for launching a server in a balloon.

    Coub.com speakers talked about new content formats. It was worth listening to the guys - they created one such popular format themselves.

    Connected London. Devrel-expert Daria Bogomolova, a member of Tech London Advocate, tells how things are with the technological communities abroad. Spoiler: Habra there is not enough

    Michael Bode, the founder of GZOM, drowns the importance of mastering texts for UX. The reason is simple - no one can hide from them.

    And this is Alexey MagisterLudiStatsenko, the creator of the jet board, tells how participation in the habrasoobschestve helps in his project By the

    way, the board itself

    Honored Habraavtor Zelenyikot talked about space content.

    Other honored techno-authors ahriman , eyeofhell , vvzvlad and olegchir talk about how to work with techno-authors.

    On cork boards every techie could write something about humanities, and every humanity could write something about techies. Gradus of courtesy sometimes off scale We

    finished the conference with an auction. Presented lots were: hookah with Bumburum, T-shirt with UFO, stumps of slugs, as well as cultural and gastronomic entertainment.

    170 editors, authors and micro-publishers took part in the conference, 21,600 points were earned by the audience for questions to the speakers and spent at the auction (they were given 200 points for Karma for the question).

    A solemn collective battle of penata takes place here.

    And this is our special guest Dr. Tatyana Shilova .

    In conclusion, we want to thank our sponsors and partners:

    Reports from habrakonferentsii "Content" are available in video format. 16 hours of useful information, 26 speeches and 3 discussions about how to make cool content about technology and using technology. Promo code: habr_online_promo.

    See you at the "Content-2019"!

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