Yii 2.0: Debug 2.0.8 Extension Release

    Debug extension 2.0.8 for the Yii 2.0 framework has been released. It included two bug fixes and 6 improvements, including new panels and significant improvements to the old ones.

    Firstly, the timeline panel, which was already quite useful for improving application performance, began to show memory consumption:

    The configuration panel now shows information about the language:

    A new routing panel was added, showing information about processing the rules for routing the request: The

    new user panel shows various information about the logged in user:

    Thanks to everyone who took part in the release. Especially to Dmitry Bashkarev and Daniel Gómez Pan .

    The full list of changes, as usual, can be found in CHANGELOG .

    UPD : version 2.0.9 is released, which fixes errors in new panels for non-standard application configurations. CHANGELOG .

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