Closed Beta Testing of Hot Storage in Mail.Ru Cloud

    Hello, Habr! We have good news: we are starting closed beta testing of the “hot store” (Hotbox) based on the Mail.Ru Cloud for Business and we invite everyone to participate. First of all, the Hotbox service will be of interest to owners of media services with high attendance, online media and resources with UGC content and developers of mobile applications. In general, the repository is intended for those who need to store and often distribute a lot of files.

    Hot storage will save on your own data storage and distribution infrastructure. The main advantages of the service:

    • unlimited scalability;
    • ease of administration;
    • high availability.

    Our data centers are located on the territory of the Russian Federation, so that the law is respected, and it is more convenient for legal entities to work. In addition, the response time is lower than that of foreign services. Also, our store implements compatibility with the Amazon S3 API, which will facilitate and accelerate migration. During beta testing, the service will work for free, and after the official launch of beta testers, special tariffs will be available. Hot storage prices will be lower than most similar solutions on the market.

    Hotbox is already being used to store all editorial content on Hi-Tech Mail.Ru and other Mail.Ru Group media projects. Among the first beta testers is Life.Ru portal, the largest resource for finding remote work ( and a service for searching and ordering ready-made food and Delivery Club products.

    You can read about the capabilities of the service and apply for access to the beta version at . Join now!

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