Mitap Sberteha in Rostov-on-Don


    We invite you to mitap in Rostov-on-Don: December 12 at 18.00.
    Let's discuss chat bots, mobile applications, auto tests and logging in critical systems.
    On topics and speakers under the cut.

    Subjects of reports

    1. Chat bots and NLP using Python and Java. Speaker Ivan Popandopulo will talk about the introduction of chat bots in automated systems of Sberbank, the possibilities of NLP and its development trends. In addition, he will share the experience of integrating @ 900 into internal systems, how to use ready-made solutions and what they can do.

    2. Interaction React Native and Web. Evgeny Cherenov from Sbertech will devote his presentation to how mobile applications interact with the web and answer the question why should the browsers embedded in applications be wary of. As a bonus, he will tell you how to use your existing infrastructure in mobile development, and how to make injections into someone else's.

    3. Implementation of the logging mechanism in business critical systems using Java.Sergey Usanin from Sbertech will explain how to implement detailed logging in an industrial system without affecting performance.

    4. Asynchronous programming in Python and cases in DevOps - Kirill Tabelsky from Megaphone. Report on methods of parallelizing operations and their application for high-load services. Let us give an example of the application of an asynchronous application for organizing the collection, aggregation, analysis of metrics and automatic elimination of accidents.

    5. Auto tests for warning systems using Python.Colleagues from MegaFon, Anton Ivashchenko and Dmitry Gusakov, will talk about the experience of creating tools for automatic testing of alert systems and about the event-based model of generating alerts. They will also be able to talk about the concept of forming a repository of reference data, and methods of its formation and briefly discuss the implementation of RobotFramework.

    December 12 (Wednesday) from 18:00 to 22:00.
    Address: Rostov-on-Don, st. Bolshaya Sadovaya, 105/42, conference hall of the main building of SFU.

    The event is free, you need to register .

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