Tesla / Panasonic batteries are the most affordable batteries for electric vehicles on the market.

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According to UBS analyst Colin Langan (Colin Langan), disassembling lithium-ion batteries from Panasonic / Tesla, LG Chem, Samsung SDI and Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) showed that Panasonic / Tesla batteries are about 20% cheaper than the following best deal from LG Chem.

By approximate calculations, lithium-ion finger-type batteries from Panasonic, format 21700 (2170), cost 111 US dollars per 1 kW * h. This is $ 37 cheaper than the LG Chem offer ($ 148 per kWh). And if prices for other battery manufacturers are even higher, the Panasonic / Tesla manufacturing company is in an even better position compared to them. On the other hand, there is no certainty how much cheaper it is to make modules from other types of batteries (the total difference on a module may be less).

In any case, a 75 kWh battery should cost Tesla 8325 US dollars or 11100 per 100 kWh. As far as we understand, this is the cost before they start making modules. For comparison, LG Chem such batteries will cost more, respectively 2800 and 3700 US dollars.

UBS expects that by the year 2025, the aforementioned manufacturers will control 70% of the market for rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles, and prices will decrease by 10% within 2-3 years.
Sources: hefly.com , ft.com
Supplement to the translation
There are other evidence that the batteries from Panasonic / Tesla, if not the best, then some of the best on the market. So, the new Jaguar I-Pace has disappointed many in terms of its 386 km (240 miles) run with 90 kWh battery . And this is against the background of old Panasonic / Tesla 18650 batteries. If we talk about new batteries, then the head of Munro & Associates, Sandy Munro, after smashing articles and videos ( 1 , 2 ) Model 3, admitted that the rechargeable The batteries of the latter are the best on the market .

Another addition from 12/18/2018
I-Pace race was held

The car was able to give 170 miles = 273.7 km, Model C 75 - 224 miles = 360.6 km. That is, in winter, the battery in the Jaguar feels even worse. It is extremely sad.

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