Black Friday 2018 at Madrobots.

    The very time of year has come when the inbox is torn from the offers of online stores. It is clear that once again the appeal "Black Friday! All for sale! ” It looks corny. Nevertheless: we have gadgets and useful products, we have thrown off their prices up to 70%. Want to save on New Year's gifts? And to read about our prize draw? Then welcome to cat.

    Black Friday at Madrobots is not just one day, but a whole week. This time even more. The action runs from November 20 to 30, inclusive. For some products, the promotional code BF2018 is valid. For others, the price has already been reset: if the price tag is crossed out, you do not need to enter the promotional code. Discounts apply to most products from the store’s catalog.

    Picooc Smart Scales - 30% off

    Picooc startup smart scales are smart and smart at their ability to calculate body composition through bio-impedance measurement . The gadget platform is equipped with four sensors, which you need to stand on bare feet. Sensors pass a faint impulse through your body. The electrical resistance determines the percentage of fat, muscle, water - only 12 indicators. Including as rare as the visceral fat index. The body weight of the gadget measures too. Measurement results are sent to the Picooc Russified application.

    Libra is only half the story. Picooc collects "big data" for all its users, and then analyzes them in detail. The user gets convenient graphs with analytics, where you can look at the trend of an increase or decrease in his weight, fat mass or muscles. A concrete recommendation is issued immediately on how to keep fit in a healthy way. For example, “artificial intelligence” Picooc does not tolerate hungry diets and, at the first suspicion, demands to stop fasting. The application keeps statistics and draws beautiful graphics. And no, the Chinese social credit system is not integrated there, but the data is exported to Google Fit and Apple Health.

    Different models of Picooc scales have the same basic functions. The only difference is the size and whether Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are supported. Via Bluetooth, the measurement results are transferred to the mobile application on the smartphone. If the scales are with Wi-Fi, then they automatically upload data to the Picooc “cloud”. In this case, you do not need to run the application each time (to save all measurements on a smartphone).

    Electric Razor TurboJetts Shoes - 50% off

    Razor TurboJetts casters turn any pair of shoes into wearable mobile vehicles. A silent electric motor with a power of 80 watts, built into one of the rollers, gives the rider a speed of up to 16 km / h. A removable lithium-ion battery lasts 30 minutes.

    TurboJetts are worn over sneakers or boots and cover only the heel. That is, you need to ride "in heels," and before a bump or other obstacle it is easy to slow down and go on to a step. 50 mm polyurethane wheels and quality bearings ensure a smooth and soft ride. Electric rollers are suitable for children and adults, shoe size should not exceed the 46th. The limit on the weight of the rider is up to 80 kilograms, according to age - from 9 years.

    Nanoleaf Aurora Smart Lightbar - 10% off

    Startup Nanoleaf started with a smart light bulb, and became famous for the futuristic Aurora LED panels. We already wrote about this backlight earlier , but let’s briefly recall the essence: the triangular panels are assembled together as a designer, and are fixed on the wall with an adhesive mounting tape.

    Power comes from a small controller. Aurora connects via Wi-Fi to a smartphone. The smartphone should have the Nanoleaf application, with its help you adjust the colors, brightness and animation of the panels. If you want to portray the northern lights on your wall, or set the color music a la "crazy rave" - ​​then the application already has relevant topics. Customizing your own themes is also possible: 16.7 million colors are at your service.

    By the way, the panels can listen to music and shimmer to the beat. To do this, they will need a small Nanoleaf Rhytm module , it is sold separately. Also for Aurora there are additional sets of panels . Only one controller supports up to 30 panels at a time.

    Pacsafe Backpacks & Bags - up to 50% off

    Pacsafe was founded in the early 90s by two travelers obsessed with making really safe travel bags and backpacks. Such as not to cut, not to open imperceptibly, not to pull a scattered tourist from under the nose while he orders a cup of coffee in an outdoor cafe.

    Over the decades, the Pacsafe team has developed different ways to protect your luggage. They come down to four categories. The first is anti-opening: the fabric is reinforced with a rigid steel mesh, and the straps are reinforced with thin steel slings. The second - clamps for zippers. This locks and carbines hold the "dog" in place. So the thief will not be able to unfasten his pocket or compartment. Third: locks for slings. Click off such a lock, wrap the sling around the leg of the table or fence, snap it. Now the bag will not be stolen unnoticed by you. The fourth category, pockets with protection against RFID attacks, has appeared recently. It is clear that the specialist will roll his eyes after hearing about the vanishingly rare skimming, but at Pacsafe they decided to take care.

    All of these types of protection are embodied in things designed for travel and everyday life at home. Among Pacsafe's products there are urban backpacks, and not quite urban, waist bags, purses, laptop bags and slings. Different sizes, with a consistently stylish design. Protective measures are invisible, so they will not look at you in surprise, as if you had fastened a chest with a barn lock. Soon we will talk about some Pacsafe models in more detail.

    Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Coffee Machine - 20% off

    Wacaco Nanopresso is a manual espresso machine. The device is mechanical and does not require electricity. To make a cup of espresso, you only need boiling water and ground coffee beans.

    The compact espresso machine looks like a capsule and is comparable in size to a small thermos. Inside the capsule is a pump, which is actuated by a tight piston button. The pump creates a pressure of up to 18 bar.

    Espresso is prepared like this: you take Nanopresso apart, find a filter cup, pour coffee into it. Then, pour hot water into the water compartment. Connect the parts of the machine, turn the neck down over the cup, and begin to build up pressure with the piston. It will take about 10-15 clicks per serving, depending on the degree of grinding. The output is coffee with a dense foam.

    Rombica NEO NS120 Quick External Battery - 30% off

    The Powerbank Rombica NEO NS 120 Quick is designed to charge smartphones, tablets, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, action cameras and other small devices. The battery is lithium-polymer, with a capacity of 12,000 mAh.

    There are many connectors: there are two USB outputs, one Micro-USB input, and USB Type-C working in both directions. Through the latter, you can first recharge both the NEO NS 120 and a smartphone with one cable. Powerbank supports QuickCharge 3.0 technology and the Power Delivery standard. The device has a nice design and soft-touch coated case.

    3D Puzzle Ugears Mechanoid Horse - 40% off

    We talked about this graceful wooden designer recently . There is nothing to add: this is a self-propelled mechanical model that is made up of wooden parts without glue (and without toothpicks).

    The wooden horse has a very original and sophisticated engine arrangement. She moves all four limbs and does not fall.

    There are 410 parts in total, the minimum assembly time is 9 hours. Feel free to multiply this number by two, if you have not collected such puzzles before. All Ugears designers enjoy a 40% discount during the sale.

    On the sale page you can find even more gadgets with discounts up to 70% . In addition, according to the good old tradition, Madrobots hosts a lottery, during which you can win a coupon for the purchase of one of the following gadgets at a bargain price:

    How profitable? This will be determined during the sale. Members of the sale will be able to “bring down” the price of the main gadgets of the sale by likes and shares. Like, share on social networks - the price has become less by 1 ruble. More likes - less is the final price of the main sale gadgets.

    Ivan, an expert on Beavans and a blogger, briefly explains the essence of the action.

    On November 30, a drawing of coupons for the purchase of goods at a reduced price will take place. It will be broadcast live on our Facebook and Youtube page. To become a participant in the drawing, be sure to leave your email address on the sale page under the attracting gadget. Prizes and gifts await the viewers of the live broadcast (one of them, by the way, is the Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit).

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