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    We stubbed here and made cards with the most frequent legal situations in life. Well, you know, like what you want to buy for the price of the price tag, but do not give. Or what to do if the police pick you up right now. And so on. Each card has a short algorithm for what to do and in what order. All cards are small types of cheat sheets, suitable for putting three or four into the wallet the most important.

    Why is it important to do on paper? Because it is without a battery, does not require connection to the network and contains the most important numbers of laws. In general, the paper is very fault tolerant. Naturally, there is a PDF, which you can simply upload to your phone.

    Here is a list of situations:

    Here is an example: The

    link at the bottom of the card is a detailed interpretation with all the forks and capabilities. On paper only main.

    The first card is still with the phones of all important services and a card for a foreigner so that he is not lost. The idea appeared during the World Cup, when we wrote these in stores several times to help the vagrants.

    What are the plans:

    1. Make on the alien card the phone of the person to whom to call, except him.
    2. Make a card for your important phones like parents and a lawyer.
    3. Add more practice: now the text is more legal, and not always friendly with the fact that we sometimes put the law. That is, add exceptions when the second is immediately superimposed on one violation.

    Actually, this is beta. If it all goes down, we will do the second print run and print it out and we will again distribute it for free. If you represent a law firm and want to help with the practice for mentioning on the drawing - write to noreply@mosigra.ru.

    Now cards can be taken free of charge in our stores in Moscow. There are not many of them there, so please, as long as two pieces per person, no more. Just go and pick it up.

    Addresses of stores in Moscow, where the cards have already arrived
    • Aviapark - Khodynsky Boulevard, 4, Aviapark shopping center, 4th floor
    • Airport — Leningradsky Avenue, 60, building 1
    • Bravo - rn Brateevo, st. Borisov ponds, vl.26, Bldg. 2, SEC "Bravo"
    • Gilyarovskogo - Moscow, st. Gilyarovskogo, d. 39, p. 3, m. Prospekt Mira
    • Golden Babylon - Prospekt Mira, house 211, Golden Babylon shopping and entertainment center
    • Kurskaya - Zemlyanoy Val, 27, bld. 2
    • Komsomolskaya - Krasnoprudnaya, 1.
    • Krylatskoye - Rublyovskoye Highway 62, MTC EuroPark
    • Mega DB - Kotelniki, 1st Pokrovsky pr-d, 5
    • Mega Khimki - Khimki, Ikea microdistrict, building 2, MEGA Khimki
    • Молодёжная — Ярцевская, д. 22, стр. 1, кафе «Андерсон», 1 этаж.
    • Москворечье — Москва, Каширское шоссе, д.26. ТРК «Москворечье»
    • Новослободская — Сущевская улица, дом 13-15
    • Павелецкая — Зацепский Вал, дом 5
    • Таганка — улица Народная, дом 8
    • Тверская — Тверская улица, 4, метро Охотный ряд
    • Тёплый Стан — Профсоюзная, дом 129А, ТЦ «Принц Плаза», 4 этаж
    • Тульская — Большая Тульская, 2, ТЦ «Корабль»
    • Щука — Щукинская, д. 42, ТРК «Щука»
    • Университет — площадь Джавахарлала Неру, 1, ТЦ «Универ Сити», 1 этаж

    In a week it will be in Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Petersburg, Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod.

    You can print or download yourself the same, here is the file . License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, that is, distributed for modifications and non-commercial use with indication of authorship (Mosigra) and all derivatives must also be open for modifications and for non-commercial use.

    In general, I do not know what will come of it, but I feel that we did something right.

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