Overview of 5 platforms for creating sites

    In 3 minutes of reading the article, comparing the basic features, you can choose the appropriate platform for creating a site specifically for your business project. It will be interesting, do not switch!

    We studied 5 well-known platforms, which you probably have come across more than once, and conducted a comparative analysis. We hope that after reading the review, you will be able to decide.

    Well, let's get started!

    comparison table

    Quick comments

    Well-known service, has been working for almost 10 years. The main advantage of the service is HTML 5, i.e. Support for modern page layout standards.
    Among the useful Wix applications: the ability to pay through popular payment systems (e-Commerce application), an application that allows you to attract visitors from social networks (SMO marketing application), the ability to change any area of ​​the page using Drag & Drop. Platform rates are higher than competitors. But it’s possible to create a website for free, though with ads from Wix (Common platform condition). Your domain can only be connected for a fee.

    The Russian development of 2011, which impressed the users and the jury that ran the Runet Rating 2012. There is almost everything: news feeds, the possibility of webinars, interactive feedback from site visitors, SEO-promotion in the main search engines (Google and Yandex).
    Website development is free, for paid tariffs you can get the opportunity to open an online store, expand disk space, put selling triggers, etc. There is a unique opportunity to order a “perpetual rate” and get these benefits forever.

    A long-lived international project whose main residences are located in Hamburg, San Francisco, Tokyo. A developed platform where you can find almost anything, implemented on modern HTML5 and CSS3 standards.
    The user gets control of individual modules, changes to site navigation, guarantees for data protection and site security, the activation of the blog and the ability to manage reviews. The site is created free of charge, payment is required to register and support 1 or 2 domains, conduct business or create a store.

    Modern Russian service based on cloud technology. You get: managing your own domain in the umi.ru zone, the ability to synchronize with 1C and Yandex.Market database systems, a payment aggregator that links the ability to pay in well-known payment systems - PayOnline,
    The platform has a very simple and intuitive interface, wide design options and ease perceptions. Disadvantages will only annoy those who are used to doing everything “do-it-yourself”. You will not have access to the site code and access via FTP is closed, that is, it is not easy to make large batch file uploads.

    An interesting project in 2011, which involved teaching beginners the art of creating websites.
    The platform itself provides ready-made layouts that you can immediately use, as well as: the ability to connect to the system of your own domain, add various hit counters, HTML widgets, connect corporate email (paid service). Among the shortcomings can be called low traffic for downloading information. Nevertheless, the project was planned not as a worker, but as a training one in the first place.


    Each of these systems solves the problem of creating a site in its own way, you just have to choose what suits the specifics of your activity.
    For example, the art salon has a fairly stable platform with the ability to change images. At the same time, an online cosmetics store will need: dynamic resource changes, work with reviews, feedback, and the possibility of consultation, which can help SetUp. Basic functions and low prices are offered by "UMI" and "A5". The ability to work with the blog and guarantee the protection of the site will provide "Jimdo". An abundance of templates and simple settings for a one-page landing can be provided by Wix, but at a great price.

    PS advertising

    To increase sales, it is necessary not only to attract quality traffic to the site, but also to increase the number of hits from the site. This can be achieved if the feedback channel is noticeable, easy to use and “working” (that is, it can quickly provide customers with the information they need while they are on the product page. That, on average, takes from 30 seconds to 2 minutes) .

    With an active feedback form on the site, your customers will receive a quick consultation, and you will increase calls and sales. Try it yourself and see if the widget is effective!
    For readers of Habr, we offer a month of a test period instead of the usual 7-day test!

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    And what system do you use (used)? What are the pros / cons found?

    • 80% Wix 36
    • 13.3% Jimdo 6
    • 2.2% UMI 1
    • 4.4% SetUp 2
    • 6.6% A5 3

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