The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 154 developer (on May 16-22)

    The main news of this week is related to the Google I / O conference - the company introduced a number of interesting technologies: Android Instant App, Daydream, the new Firebase, which has become a development platform and the best replacement for Parse, improvements in the Google Play admin area, Wear 2.0, Awareness API and much more another.

    No Hares for Android - creation story

    At some point, the idea came up to develop an application for playing music. Simply put, I needed a comfortable player. There was a desire to listen to music - using a smartphone in a couple of clicks.

    Development of the Kinetic Novel: costs, revenues, statistics, tips, conclusions post factum

    Finally, I got around to translate my article, which I published several months ago on Gamasutra (it was reserved by the editors). I believe this brief but informative material, based on my own experience, will be of interest to fellow indie developers and those who are considering "whether or not to smash my little toy with blackjack and whores."

    Snake fruit or fruit Python?

    As you may have guessed, we will focus on the development of mobile applications for the Android platform using the Kivy framework and the Python programming language. On Habré, there are already several articles on this topic, mainly small essays that describe in general terms what kind of fruit this Kivy is, with which it is eaten and a couple of examples, such as Hello World and tic-tac-toe.





    Analytics, marketing and monetization

    Devices and IoT

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