Interesting weekend events

    As always on Monday, a short selection of what you might have missed over the weekend.

    Personnel shifts for half a month.

    Indian venture: new funds in the country are opened by Leonid Boguslavsky and AFK Sistema .

    Does the Like button on your site violate the law ?

    The “one-click” economy is in a precarious position.

    Pwn2Own 2016 Results: Hacked Windows, OS X, Chrome, Safari, and Edge.

    Smartphone evolution: 1994 - 2010, version 1.1

    Orbital detective: how ExoMars flew .

    When did the first transatlantic cables appear and how did they work ?

    US governmentforces developers to disclose the source code of products.

    Unification of the desktop gadget.

    Algorithms are just one of the variables in the equation.

    Have a successful week!

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