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Have you ever made erroneous decisions that initially seemed right to you? Remember when you unsuccessfully changed the shade of hair “just to try”, painted the walls in the apartment in a “delightful” new color, or “invested” in an outfit that you never once wore? Yes, it happened to everyone. But what if such a wrong decision, the consequences of which cannot be undone, is your career choice?

For most of our lives, we develop the skills necessary to get a job that will not only provide, but also give a feeling of satisfaction. And if this does not happen, we are shocked and plunged into despondency. Because of one’s own stubborn beliefs, one can decide to “tolerate” this instead of taking the necessary actions. But we all have the right to change in life what we feel is wrong. However, it is often difficult to get rid of one’s beliefs and change direction.

If any of the items below about you is most likely time to say goodbye to the current situation. And change her.

1. You cannot rely on your colleagues. At all

Maybe it's all in an unpleasant office atmosphere. She, of course, depresses, but the essence of the matter is not. Think carefully: when you communicate with colleagues, do not you think that it is unreasonably difficult to understand them? Does it seem to you that you cannot rely on them in anything? Or maybe you just ignore them?

If this is about you, you are probably working in the wrong field. And in order to find “your” sphere, constantly communicate with new people and go to informational interviews. The latter is an ideal way to talk with someone about a new area of ​​activity that may be of interest to you.

2. Days at work you spend dreaming of another job

We all sometimes a little envy the careers of others. Who would not want to work with celebrities every day or, for example, on the beach in the tropics? But if you suddenly realized that you would prefer anything else to your office, and especially another office, you should start looking for new work options.

3. You feel that you would like to return time back, and not think about the future

We all sometimes want to turn back the clock and fix some of our mistakes . But if you realize that you would like to return to the past in order to choose a different career path, everything is not so scary - do not panic and do not fall into despair.

If starting from scratch seems more attractive to you than continuing to work in your current field, you should start looking for a new profession or company that will be of interest to you.

But if it scares you ... Everything is not so bad either. Just don't expect something to change.

4.You don’t feel inspired, challenged, creatively raised and, frankly, don’t feel good at all

Career should move us forward. Thanks to suitable work, we become more curious, enthusiastic and strive to develop. If your work does not give you any of this, try to find a hobby that will fill this hole.

Be that as it may, the hobbies that you will be engaged in after hours will help you find what you really like, and this does not entail any risks and will potentially lead you to a new job or field of activity.

5. You are not interested in improvements (and maybe even hear negative reviews about your work)

Job reviews are an integral part of the career world. Reviews help you become better and learn about yourself as a professional. But if the boss constantly complains about your poor performance, you may be out of place. Here's how to improve your productivity.

Of course, sometimes it happens that the task set for you was misunderstood by you, but if you realize that you simply do not want to develop and become better, it's time to move on to something new.

6. You would prefer anything to your work: treat your teeth, climb Mount Everest, be naked on stage

Everyone will agree that a visit to a doctor, especially a dentist, is a very nervous affair. But even if you prefer the stress of waiting for an examination to going to work, think carefully about what caused it.

Are you waiting for too many tasks at work that you continue to put off until the last moment ? Are you stressed at work? Or maybe you just frankly do not like what you do?

7. You spend more time browsing job sites, rather than working

Searching for vacancies that are interesting to you is something like cheating on your current job. There is nothing wrong with this if you do it not very often, just out of interest.

But if you are constantly looking for a job in which there will be all those advantages that are not enough in the current position, it simply means that your work did not live up to expectations.

Ask yourself if you are in a position to reconsider responsibilities or change work so that you like it. And if you are ready to start something new - it's time not just to look at vacancies, but to start sending resumes.

8. Your heart is by no means enthusiastic

We constantly hear that we should be enthusiastic and enthusiastic about our work. Of course, this is important, but let's be honest: work is not always a fairy tale.

Sometimes the load is so great that the only thing you want is to pack your things and quickly go home (for a day or forever). But still, in most of your workdays, you should be filled with enthusiasm, or at least a sense of joy from what you are doing. You must feel that you are doing something important and growing as a professional. Your heart should let you know that you have made the right choice.

Regrets about the unsuccessful acquisition for a long time spoil the mood. But regrets about a poorly chosen career are much worse. If any of the points described above is about you (and even more so if there are several!), It is time to reconsider your life. Maybe it’s not even a matter of a wrong career, it's just that the next stage has ended in your life and you are ready for new adventures.

First, try to find a new hobby for yourself, look for new work options available to you, go for informational interviews, and if the stars converge in the right way, you will begin a new career. Do not fall into despair if your profession does not suit you, because life is a constant study of something new.

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The author of the translation is Vyacheslav Davidenko, founder of TESTutor .

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