How the 30-year-old generation is changing digital advertising


    We translated the most interesting from Sharethrought ’s research on which media and ads we love. The original text is called “Study: The Millennial Perspective on Native Ads”. A play on words about millennials and the fact that native advertising is a millennium format.
    If you are between 20 and 35, replace the word “millennial” in the text with “I,” and nothing will change.

    Millennials are the future

    A quarter of the US population is from the millennials generation. 75.3 million people who generate a whopping market turnover of $ 1.3 trillion per year.


    This is 2 times more money than the most expensive company in the world - Apple.


    Joshua Topolski, co-founder of Vox and The Verge

    The generation that grew up in the era of the Internet is the most volatile in relations with brands: they passionately love and instantly forget. And all over again.


    It's all about user experience

    For millennials, user experience is a defining concept, and a positive advertising experience affects their entire online presence. Convenience is the main thing for the generation of people who have matured during the heyday of mobile technology and fast Internet.


    Millennials want to see ads that don't ruin the user experience



    News feeds are the main channel for content consumption



    In the news feed, headlines decide

    • 80% think headlines should be informative;
    • 1 out of 5 users read only headers.


    Comment The

    title will be read if it is understandable, useful and solves the user's problem. In one of the advertising campaigns, we increased the CTR by 10 times, just changing the picture and title.

    Screenshot 2016-03-03 at 17.50.43


    Advertising embedded in the news feed is more convenient and preferable than other forms of digital advertising

    • 80% of millennials think that the built-in ad is convenient;
    • 44% say that such advertising improves their attitude to the publication, site or application.


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    Read more about the ways to distribute branded content in media feeds.

    Why native advertising has become the main media trend and how to implement it on Russian sites


    Millennials prefer auto-play video



    Headlines play a crucial role in the video.


    Advertising embedded in content improves branding and promotes sales.

    • 48% believe that brands that embed native advertising in the news feed are interested in a trusting relationship with a client;
    • 38% tend to buy products and services of brands that embed native advertising in the feed.

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    We distribute brand content on Russian media sites. For example, Tinkoff or Aviasales comes and we bring the audience to their blogs and special projects. Advertising is embedded in the feed and looks like an article. Our partners: RIA Novosti, AdMe, COUB, TJournal, Lifehacker and other media.

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    Brands and publishers should relate to the convenience of users with trepidation - enough seconds to lose loyalty.
    The headline has become the new engine of branded content in the mobile era - the brand should put as much effort into creating headlines as it previously invested in the slogan.

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