Reddit promotion. How to get traffic? is an American social network that can be an excellent source of traffic from the United States. In order to understand how this can be done, it is worth understanding the features of the platform.

Getting started with the site

You can start working with the site by simple registration, in which you need to enter a username and password, without additional confirmation using your email address or phone number.

Each community has certain features, the user community is no exception. The site and its audience use certain terms in which a person who wants to get traffic on reddit should understand. Separate definitions that you need to work with the site, we will analyze in this article, and a list of all popular terms can be found here .

When you first visit the site, it may seem to you that its interface is rather difficult to understand, however, do not let wrong mistakes take precedence over you. As well as on each site, there are rules and prohibitions here - you can get acquainted with them during registration.

Each subreddit (community) on also has a specific charter. Therefore, before rushing into the battlefield with your content, you should become familiar with it.

Types of accounts on

Conventionally, accounts can be divided into "beginners" and "authorities". The first of them belong to people who have just begun to get acquainted with the site, who are aiming to get traffic or train one-time, to learn all the pitfalls of the site for further work with it.

“Authoritative” can be considered an account with a karma higher than 1000 and a karma of comments higher than 100, such accounts are suitable for targeted promotion and receiving stable traffic. The disadvantage is that advertisements of one brand may be considered as spam by moderators, as a result of which the account will be blocked.

It should be noted that the peculiarity of this social network is that the duration of the account (if it is more than 1 year old) does not play any role, more important is the activity in the open spaces of the network. We will talk about how it is presented, a little later. That is, it is not necessary to be a “veteran” site to get a large amount of traffic.

To promote one project, it is better to start from 5 accounts in order to be able to post for example the same article in 5 different subreddits in one day. And have 1 official account for maintaining the subreddit and answers to the questions of commentators.

If it is not possible to increase karma accounts for a long time and wait until the year passes, then you can buy 5 accounts with high karma and 1+ year. The blessing of places where you can buy is full, but also full of scammers. From my experience I can say that there were no problems with this seller.

What is the site built on?

The main purpose of is the creation of subreddits, that is, categories with its target orientation, where people from all over the world can share their content and comments. Also of interest is the created system upvote and downvote, in simple terms, likes and dizlik of publications. Due to these responses, the user creates his own personal rating - karma. Karma is an indicator of the activity of the redditor and is compiled on the basis of posts, publications, comments, ratings to other users.

There are two types of karma:

  • Post-karma - created on the basis of posted posts;
  • Comment-karma - accounted for by the user for the comments left, which are positively perceived by the audience and carry useful information.

The peculiarity of the content delivered to the site is that it is calculated not in the number of publications, but in the relevance of the information submitted, the interest of the public to it.

How can I get traffic?

Getting traffic directly depends on the subreddit you choose. There are two types of sabreddit.

I - this is a subreddit that is in great demand and is popular among many users. The more subscribers, the more reddit traffic you can get. However, it should be borne in mind that the competition is many times more than that of the little-known sabreddits. Your publications and comments can simply be lost among the abundance of information. In order to get to the first page of a large subreddit you need to have accounts (1+ year, 1000+ karma, 100+ karma comments) to generate 5-10 fake comments, interesting content and suitable subreddit content and 100-1000 upvotes to start ( depends on the size of the subreddit and competition on the main page).

II - sabreddit, which is not promoted and not popularized among users of the site. In such a subreddit it will be easy enough to get to the first place, in most cases 20 upvotes will be enough. The main thing is not to overdo it so that the moderator does not take this for spam. On the first page of such subreddits it will be impossible to get as much traffic as in large ones, but you can make 10 posts with similar content in 10 small subreddits, promote them to the first place, as a result it can give a good flow of traffic.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that due to receiving traffic from reddit, traffic to your site can increase at once in times. However, not every web resource will withstand such a load. Therefore, you need to take care of this in advance, preparing the site for the possibility of a sharp increase in traffic.

Also worth noting is the principle of the ranking algorithms on reddit. After all, your post can gain 1000 upvotes and be lower than a competitor's post who has collected 100 upvotes. The fact is that the received upvotes in the first hour have the greatest weight and with each subsequent hours their significance is divided by 2. Upvotes of comments are also taken into account, if one of the comments gets 10 downvotes (votes against), this will negatively affect the post rating. rating of 10 votes. Details about ranking algorithms can be found here . Thus, it is important to get the bulk of upvotes in the first hour, but here, try not to overdo it.

Ways to get traffic to reddit

There are two main methods of receiving traffic, namely:

Creating a separate topic. It should contain relevant information aimed at a narrow audience suitable for the selected subreddit. You can link to sites where the user can read an additional explanation to the topic.

Writing a comment. It should be a sensible, constructive and useful answer, which considers the question from a different point of view. A link to your site can be left as a source for more information on this topic.

How not to get into the ban?

A post with 100 upvotes and 0 comments can be hidden by the moderator as it will look suspicious. Therefore, comments should also be given attention.

If you are going to make a post in the subreddit with the number of subscribers 500 000 then make a post and after 5-10 minutes the first comment and then 1 comment in 5 minutes and so 5-10 comments.

Comments must be published from accounts 1+ year and 1000+ karma. You can ask a couple of questions and get an answer from the author of the post.

If you use the service for cheating upvotes, then make sure that upvotes will start spinning in the first minutes after publication, and it is also important that you can manage the intervals between actions. If upvotes will spin too fast, you will most likely end up in a ban, and if it is too long, the post will not end up in the top.

For huge sredredit like r / videos, you can put a small gap between upvotes, since for such a scale of sreddit even 1 upvote per second is the norm.

In order to understand how many upvotes will be required, just go to the hot or top page (depending on where you want to go) and see how many you have typed the first post, add 10 on top and start.

The most important thing is the right content. If your content is interesting to users, then when you exit to the first page, they will advance it even further, which will allow the post to become viral. But if the content is not interesting or has a frankly advertising character, then it will be minus all who stumble upon it. It will be necessary to purchase a lot of upvotes to stay afloat, but even in this case there is a risk of a ban, because the moderators of large sabreddits check every post and if they doubt that your post with naked advertising can gain the necessary amount of upvotes to get to The first page will be hidden by your post, and your account may be limited to access to the subreddit.

Tips on getting traffic

To get the maximum amount of traffic, you must initially decide on the ultimate goal of registration and activity in this social network. It would not be superfluous to observe the following recommendations:

  • Selection of a subreddit as close as possible to the subject of the product being promoted;
  • Writing comments in suitable topics that can be found by keyword;
  • Creating your own posts, filling it with useful information;
  • Only on its own to promote content on reddit may be too time-consuming process, which also takes a long time before getting the desired result. Therefore, you should use the services for the sale of accounts and upvotes, at the end of the article in the useful links will be a number of proven services.
  • Give feedback to users who are interested in your content;
  • Do not "litter" links in an endless number where necessary and not necessary. It should be understood that the receipt of traffic is possible through the correct approach, daily activity in the selected subject and the presentation of relevant interesting content;
  • If your post has collected a large number of negative responses, in other words “downvote”, which greatly reduces your karma, the best way out is to remove the post;
  • Read the list of rules of the site in order not to be confounded in any question; on many subreddits it is forbidden to comment using accounts with a karma below a certain mark.
  • Having reworked the well-known proverb in a new manner, one can say that ignorance of the rules does not protect against a ban.
  • An interesting way to promote your own product is the AMA section, which is a collection of interviews of different users. Who, if not you, can better talk about your brand, show it from a positive point of view and feed the target audience with interest? Try publishing your own interview;
  • Depending on the number of “upvote”, the platform you are promoting may receive Do Follow links, which will be indexed by search engines.
  • It is worth getting acquainted with the algorithms for ranking posts on reddit.

Benefits of

Summing up, we can highlight a number of advantages of, which makes the site the undisputed leader, according to users. These include:

  • The simplicity of work, fast performance, which can not be compared with such world-famous social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, P interest.
  • You do not need to spend a lot of time working with the platform in order to achieve the desired goal. Having the opportunity to generate upvotes and having accounts with high karma, you can get thousands of transitions on the very first day, mainly from the USA.
  • All the content you publish may be visible not only to the target audience that monitors your updates, but also to all interested people who want to view the necessary information;
  • The number of subscriptions and friends plays no role in the promotion of its content;
  • It does not matter how long a site exists that you wish to promote to the top - for this purpose both the “old-timers” of the world wide web are suitable, as well as young projects that have recently been created;
  • There are no difficulties in working with the site - the interface is enriched with prompts necessary for the rapid development of a new user, all the rules of the social network and individual subreddits in the public domain;
  • It does not matter the target direction and themes of the product you are promoting - these can be both informational and commercial projects.

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