Google's New Unique Coverage Branding Tool

    In a recent Google Think Brand 2015 conference, which took place in Moscow, she spoke about a new advertising tool for brand promotion, which is aimed at a new level of optimization of the campaign promotion process and significantly improve the indicators of maximum reach of the target audience.

    The head of Google Russia’s product solutions, Alexandra Belykh, announced the launch of a new beta tool with the unique title “Unique Coverage”, designed to help marketers get even more up-to-date and most personalized coverage information. Thus, this will help to better understand its segmentation and features. From the words of representatives of Google, in the near future, the largest Russian agencies will be granted access to these data.
    As the head of the department herself explained, the new service will acquire several stages of operation at once: at the first stage, Google creates a cross-device model based on user behavior across all company platforms. Then a dynamic model of a specific country is created, which can already be applied at the level of an advertising campaign.

    As a result, the Unique Coverage technology will include the direct use of Google data and third-party SSPs to determine coverage demographics.

    We collected data on authorized users and unauthorized users on all Google products and platforms, and then created a behavioral cross-device model ,” a quote from an interview with A. Belykh.

    By the way, in addition to the main announcement of the week, Google also introduced the new Russian-language portal , whose main mission is to broadcast announcements of new tools, research and other useful information for publishers (advertisers). BYYD • Mobile Advertising Platform

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