3 rules for perfect website conversion (landing page)

    Before revealing the secrets of increasing site conversion, let's determine what it is. There are many definitions, but I like this:

    Site conversion is the result of dividing the desire to buy by the opportunity to buy!

    And indeed, sometimes we “stop” a customer from buying. Sites are created so complex that the first time it is not clear, but how to buy?

    Let's see what the conversion of the site depends on!

    Customers often ask us if you guarantee site conversion. Or let's write it in the contract!

    To buy a customer goes through a series of stages, which in turn affect the result.

    Stage One: Attracting a Client (Traffic)

    Each advertising channel has its own personal effectiveness and depends on your target audience. According to independent sources, Yandex is considered the most popular search engine in Russia. Gooogle follows him, everyone else sadly weaves after him ... Where are your customers?

    The answer to this question can only give statistics. We always recommend launching advertising campaigns in both search engines and looking at the result.


    According to the same statistics, the cost of one visitor in Google is cheaper than in Yandex. Due to the lack of "aggressive" competition.

    The Energy-bm website builder has an excellent ADVERTISING tool, which allows you to determine the quality of advertising channels. Automatically calculates ROI (percentage of profit for each invested ruble). Find out the cost of 1 transition, 1 application. You can create an unlimited number of labels to account for transitions. And you can always answer the question: How much does the application cost you?

    Stage Two: External Attractiveness of the Site

    Suppose you create an excellent advertising campaign and your ad decently differs from the offers of your competitors. The traffic has gone .... what's next?

    Now we are talking, not even about attractive discounts for the client, but about how your site looks. 3 seconds after loading is enough to understand where the client got when they clicked on the advertisement.

    Why 68% of customers leave the site after 3 seconds.

    I am always of the opinion that the transition should be obvious.

    For example: On the door of the store is written "Sale of meat." The client opens the door and he should only see a special offer for Meat! And do not grocery products!

    Do not be foolish, the simpler the more accessible and the more obvious the first screen of your landing page (one-page site) looks the better.

    If you have a large catalog of products or services, multi-branding will help here!

    A script to tune your site to your client’s key request.

    Here you can not do without an example.

    Here is an example of using multi-landing on the example of the Energy-bm main page:

    Option # 1
    Option # 2 I

    recommend switching to feel the difference
    The main title and the inscription on the button change . You can also change:

    • Section Background Image
    • Just a picture
    • Special offer
    • Call to Action

    Stage Three - Final: Price and Importance!

    If you were selling boots in winter at a discount of 50%, and within a radius of 50 kilometers, not a single competitor ...

    Suppose you spend a decent share of the profits on an advertising campaign in search engines, your site is maximally tailored to the key requests (needs) of your customers, BUT your the offer is an order of magnitude higher than the offer of your competitor ... there can be no question of high conversion!

    The harsh law of the jungle!

    In this case, only a lazy customer or a client who had already used your services / product and was satisfied will take advantage of your offer!

    Conclusion: It is important to comply with all three rules of ideal conversion!

    May the money come with you!

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    And what do you think is more important

    • 7.5% Traffic 3
    • 10% Website Design and Usability 4
    • 2.5% Special offer 1
    • 65% All components are important 26
    • 15% I know the fourth :) 6

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