New tool for identifying your target audience

    Auditorius, the Russian leader in algorithmic procurement and data processing, introduced the Audience Analytics tool, which allows optimizing audience targeting even before the start of an advertising campaign.

    In the Russian market, there is a lack of tools that would accurately predict the effectiveness of the use of audience targeting before the start of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Auditorius decided to fill this gap by inviting marketers when choosing ad campaigns to be guided not by their own empirical experience, but by objective metric indicators and a rigorous mathematical assessment of the content in the audience segments of the brand’s target audience offered by suppliers.

    “The affinity index is used to analyze the audience,” says Viktor Solovyov, product director of the Auditorius Programmatic Buying Platform. “In programming, this metric determines how well the audience of the advertiser’s site matches the selected audience targeting. This allows marketers to understand how well they chose the target audience and to predict both the volume of purchases and financial expenses before the start of the advertising campaign. ”
    The operating principle of the Audience Analytics tool is quite simple: a pixel is installed on the advertiser's site that helps to collect at least 5000 unique users based on the criteria that interests the customer (for example, visiting the Contact page or viewing depth). The advertiser's own data about the audience that has already performed targeted actions on its website is checked for compliance with the standard audience segments from the taxonomy. After that, the affinity index is calculated, which allows you to say which segment representatives perform the most targeted actions. This makes it possible to make adjustments to the audience targeting before the start of the RC.

    Representatives of Auditorius say that using the Audience Analytics tool, you can not only select audience targeting for a new campaign, but also optimize your current placement, as well as significantly increase your post-click and CTR. In addition, the Audience Analytics algorithms, accurately determining the target audience, make it possible to optimize the budget of the Republic of Kazakhstan already at its launch.

    The tool is included in the standard set of functionality of the Auditorius Programmatic Buying Platform and is not provided separately, outside the advertising campaign. BYYD • Mobile Advertising Platform

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