Digital fairy tales are the smallest. What is wrong with online services for entrepreneurs?

    Who about what, but I'm talking about small business. And digital, where without him.

    A little explanation. It so happened historically that I work in a small business, with a small business and, to the heap, I drive my own small but proud online store . Therefore, all Digital-story perforce perceive through the pain of the small and micro businesses. Poor but proud. But his own, but himself. Without investors and state cuts, on the one hand, and with a somewhat one-sided look at this beautiful world, on the other. So, I see such a picture.

    Digital  Business Breakfast

    A small businessman wakes up in the morning and realizes that he has horror in his body, as he lacks digital, and is empty in the refrigerator. An entrepreneur is not a fool. She suspects that she needs to look for semi-finished products: “ready-made solutions”, “tools” and other Saas. He goes, therefore, to  Google and to  Zuckerberg and sees there a darkness and darkness of solutions, tools and Saas. We must take it.

    And then what’s interesting is obtained. The fact is that sellers of solutions, tools and Saas are not versed in business. Well, do not be offended. They do not understand small business. They know how to consume investor money more economically. A funnel can be built.

    They do not understand - and should not! There is no fault of sellers.

    But. But for some reason theyconsider it our duty to teach customers how to do business. The warehouse program tells me how to triple sales. The task manager tells me how to triple sales. Chat on the site - it would seem, just a small programmulinka - tells me how to triple sales.

    Do the landing! Target! Put a call back! Order a sales text!
    For a long, long time the crocodile
    extinguished the Blue Sea with
    Pies, and pancakes,
    And dried mushrooms.

    Where are you, online consultant ?

    Let's discover America. How are adults? There is a vendor, there is an integrator, there is a consultant and all that jazz. How is it in a small business? Vendor, buyer, in the middle is a hole.

    Are there any consultants for small business? Well, there is an army of information managers who, a) are better at understanding business than vendors; b) they don’t understand anything at all in instruments and Saas.

    There are helpful consultants. But, firstly , they are difficult to distinguish from charlatans. Secondly , these are usually representatives of the "old school". They cheerfully advise about finances and carry out a vital educational program, but they also don’t understand tools. And of course, this should not be another story - about money and processes. Important, but different.

    So it turns out that there is no normalan integrator consultant who will come and say HOW to use the chat, so that the conversion does not fall by 15% . Which will advise Olark instead of Zhivosayte , because it is cheaper and more convenient. Or vice versa - Zhivosayt, because there is the necessary feature. And then he will come running and tell you that there is a free version of Chatra , which is good, but ... I

    recently read two reviews of services for online stores . One old , another new . And cried. Twice. Because the authors do not seem to understand anything in the practical application of the tools they are talking about.

    You can not put on a par with and  Insales. You can not compare the two systems only on the characteristics of the official site. The same Insales is cool, but to the price of ownership you need to throw 30-50 thousand for the design. But it integrates with  MySklad . It integrates perfectly, and not conditionally, like But is really easy to administer. Really simple - this is when you can explain to your grandmother, and not when you drive the naughty blocks of the Wix constructor across the screen .

    Wow wow , take it easy! Maybe and MySklad already got married, and the appearance of is set up simply. A year has passed since I picked it. That is, even I can’t be trusted!

    Anything else? Well, for example, for five of us working together, chat on  VKontaktemay be more useful than Megaplan . However, our friendly store uses Slack - the guys there are more intelligent than us and integrate this Slack in the tail and in the mane.

    I hope that by this moment you already have perplexity. What does this author confuse warm with soft? What does the instrument have to do with it? Who ever gave the floor? I tried, thanks.

    The sea began to rot

    You already guessed that I just do not understand anything in business and software. We have to somehow poke, poke around and wade through the "morning sale" to a clear description of the possibilities. And then also in practice to test. Oh, it didn’t work out! In  words, they promised the golden mountains, but in practice - it’s easier to saw down a Google Form or to plant a person with pens.

    What did you want to say something ? And here is what.
    Who is told to tweet - Don't purr!
    Who is told to purr - Do not tweet!

    In an ideal world, developers do not push explosive sales growth, but make convenient and functional software. Whether for large, for small companies. In a box or in the cloud. And the information businessmen, who have thoroughly learned the materiel, collect working business solutions from this software .

    Only a hitch
    There was a good kid:
    did not meow And did not grunt -
    He was lying under the cabbage.

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