The head of Microsoft spoke about the services and devices that he uses daily.

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gave a welcoming speech at the annual Future Decoded Conference , which took place in London last week (November 10-11). The first day was devoted to business topics, the second to technical innovations. In a 40-minute presentation, Nadella talked about how Microsoft partners use the company's products.

    The head of Microsoft listed the products and services of the company, which he uses every day in order to work most efficiently. And the latter is important for the head of a huge company, which has more than 100 thousand employees.

    The first product that was demonstrated by Nadella was the iPhone Pro - in fact, it is nothing more than a regular iPhone, equipped with various Microsoft services. Before Nadella came to the post of CEO of the company, Microsoft and iOS services were not great friends, but now more than 15 products of the company are compatible with the apple system, including Word, Skype, Wunderlist and Sunrise Calendar, which Microsoft acquired in February of this year.

    Despite the fact that the iPhone is not the target device for Nadella, he is forced to take into account the policies of modern companies that welcome the practice when employees work on their own devices brought from home. This means that it is important for Microsoft to work to ensure that the company's services are compatible with various platforms.

    Nadella talked about the features of the Lumia 950XL smartphone, which was introduced in October. He demonstrated the Wunderlist application, a task manager that allows you to manage a to-do list in the cloud from different devices. Recall, Microsoft acquired the German startup 6Wunderkinder, which developed this application, for $ 150 million this summer. And it is obvious that applications of this type are the main trump card of the company in its strategy for further development.

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