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    Our company makes the world a better place by translating texts into 62 languages, localizing applications and creating videos - also in different languages. Texts, videos, large customers - it is perhaps not surprising that content marketing occupies an important place in our marketing strategy. In this post I will tell you exactly what and how we are doing in this direction. Let's start with the obvious: we have been writing and translating articles for our blogs on Habrahabr ( ) and Megamozge ( ) for a long time . Not so long ago, a blog on Spark joined them .

    , which, although less effective for us, is free and does not take up much time. Due to the fact that we have many full-time translators, translating an article takes very little time, and the return on such publications is often even higher than on copyrighted materials of our own composition. By the way, we are ready to help other authors of blogs with translations :)

    But the content marketer is not alone with Habré. We prepare articles and comments for other media and portals that our target audience visits. Finding editions that need expert commentary is great for us at Pressfeed.. The principle of the service is simple: twice a day you get a list of requests from journalists and right on the site you answer those that are relevant to your business interests. This does not mean that we give comments only about localization and videos: for example, with readers we shared our experience of remote work in the country .

    We also pay attention to publications in other people's blogs, including foreign ones. Alex Exler 's one post on professional online translator Nitro brought us dozens of new users.

    We post videos of our own production on Youtube ( This is not only a variety of trailers, teasers, tutorials and animated logos. We make a lot of useful or just funny videos for our Youtube channel: for example, how much space exploration costs in comparison with the budgets of IT giants, when is the best time to start a business , what is the true price of waiting on the Internet, or how it looked would be a stobax banknote in various art styles . We make such videos not only for marketing purposes, but also for our own entertainment and skill-building. And then these videos diverge on social networks, decorate a blog post, sow in forums and popular question-answer services ...

    Speaking of question and answer services. The only answer to the question about the translator from Japanese to English, where we unobtrusively recommended our live translator Nitro , received more than 17 thousand views (not every blog post can collect so much) and has brought us new leads for a year now.

    Another source of content is our own experience: we regularly prepare new client cases for our website, conduct webinars, go to conferences with reports, and then upload presentations to Slideshare ( ).

    Naturally, we also take care of our accounts on social networks: we distribute already created content and generate new content for our Facebook (, Google+ ( ), Linkedin ( ), Twitter ( ) and Vkontakte ( https : // ).

    And our customers every month receive a delicious newsletter with a selection of useful articles and burning videos - a concentrate of all of the above.

    How to create the right content marketing strategy?

    There is no universal answer. The previous experience as a journalist, editor, PR-contributor helps. You need to understand well what content will be most in demand on a particular site, and then try to make it as appetizing and noticeable as possible for the audience. Tools like Pulse Linkedin, services like Buzzsumo , and the same analysis of the weekly top of the most popular articles of Habr and MegaMind help in this.

    It’s important to be friends with analytics: we look at Google Analytics, the return on which channels is better and which ones do not work, and therefore do not deserve a waste of time. For example, we maintained a corporate blog on Geektimes, but it turned out to be not as effective for us as a blog on Habré. Therefore, we no longer invest our time and money in it.

    There are much more topics and information lines when the company has established good internal communication between departments. Our marketing specialists will immediately learn from employees about the completed projects, new videos and articles. Each employee sends such news independently through a form to Google Docs, his message is immediately sent to everyone else by e-mail and automatically entered into the news table for marketers - conveniently!

    Moreover, colleagues even take the time to share an idea for publication or personally write an article for a blog. For example, our technical documentation guru Alexander Zinchuk made an excellent guide on how to take screenshots correctly. Already in the first two weeks after publication, this post received more than 58 thousand views and brought us new customers who want to order the development of reference documentation.

    The best topics are from my own experience, the closest, the most deeply studied. When there is so much knowledge that one wants to share it. This is how “hit” articles were born about how we organized work without an office , how we communicate with clients , how we work in Montenegro , how videos are made for games, and many others.

    So is it worth it?

    For us, a company that does not have millions of budgets for marketing, but wants to maintain a leadership position in the niche of localization, translation and production of videos, content marketing has proven effective and effective. Moreover, we are convinced that the future of content marketing. Maybe it does not work with lightning speed, but the return on it lasts days, weeks, months and even years. This is a great source of loyal customers who are ready to immediately place an order. This is a great way to be heard and to remind yourself every now and then. This is what shows people - we are close, we are alive, warm and know how to joke. There is only one minus - all this requires a lot of time, resources, effort and constant experimentation. But in our case, the costs of content marketing are fully justified. And in yours?

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    Alconost dealslocalization of applications, games and sites in 60 languages. Native-language translators, linguistic testing, cloud platform with API, continuous localization, project managers 24/7, any format of string resources.

    We also make advertising and training videos - for sites that sell, image, advertising, training, teasers, expliner, trailers for Google Play and the App Store.

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