2 Decisive Factors in Consumer Behavior or “Thumb Decides Now”

    The dominance of mobile technologies in consumers' lives led to major shifts in trade - and the latest Facebook blog entries are intended to highlight the 3 largest, but still gradual changes with great consequences for marketers:

    Shift of time spent on the active use of devices from desktop to mobile; from one screen to several, and from large screens to small.
    In other words, in narrow circles, the expression “the thumb is now deciding” is becoming popular and marketers are in the process of researching which devices consumers spend time with.

    From the desktop to the mobile

    The mobile search function itself has already outstripped the desktop, as we reported earlier this month, and this is not the only area with rapid growth.
    According to eMarketer, US mobile commerce retail sales will reach $ 74 billion this year, up 32% from 2014.

    According to Facebook, this development is reflected in the changing behavior of people. So, from January to May, 3 out of 10 online purchases on Facebook were on mobile devices , and their frequency increased by 35% compared with the latest analysis of Facebook IQ's.

    What does this mean for marketers?

    People quickly scroll information on the screen and close it. According to representatives of Facebook, the interception of user attention is more than just a mobile design, no matter how convenient it is in navigation and use. True visualization and personalization are needed. It also requires an understanding of what the click map and target consumers using this multi-channel model are the “consumption” model.

    From one device / channel to many,

    “Omni-channel” has been a buzzword for a while, but its meaning is worth recalling: the consumer way of shopping has not included linearity for a long time.
    People can view content on one device, research on another, and pay on a third. Or, pay in the app store using a smartphone for search and comparison. Therefore, retail should focus on people, not on their devices - and also on how to preserve the brand experience on different platforms. To reach the right people at the right time, retailers need to track and understand how and where they are, engage with them and share content.

    Nevertheless, there is one unchanging feature in the cross-platform world of shopping: the transition from large to small screens increases the use of mobile devices.
    73% of people say that their smartphone is always with them and, therefore, a mobile device has the ability to influence people at every stage of the purchase, this should always be taken into account when marketing planning and calculating strategies for the coming 2016. BYYD • Mobile Advertising Platform

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