Nokia's daughter is getting married again: Chinese investors buy Vertu

    imageVertu premium smartphone maker is now owned by Chinese investors. They bought it from the Swedish owners - a private investment company EQT VI .

    The company was acquired by Hong Kong-based Godin Holdings , according to a statement from Vertu. Following the announcement of the deal, CEO Massimiliano Pogliani resigned. He stated that this is “the right time to transfer the baton of leadership to the new team,” reports the Financial Times.


    The Vertu team will continue to work in England. The staff employs about 450 employees. The company’s headquarters are in Hampshire. The company has representative offices in Moscow, Paris, New York, Beverly Hills, Singapore, Frankfurt and Hong Kong.

    Vertu was previously owned by Nokia. In 2012, the EQT VI bought 90% of Vertu for € 200 million. Nokia created Vertu in 1998 as its UK subsidiary. The company did this in order to occupy the niche of luxury smartphones. Models are made of gold, platinum, Liquidmetal alloy, titanium alloy, polished steel of high hardness and are positioned as devices of the highest price segment. Nokia still owns a small stake in Vertu.

    Vertu introduced its first phone in 2002. By 2015, the company sold about 450 thousand devices worldwide, the average price of a smartphone is £ 5 thousand (about $ 7.7 thousand). The high cost of phones is explained by the use of precious metals and stones, RBC reports.

    Interesting Facts:

    1 As a name, it was necessary to use a word starting with the letter “V”, since design was already being developed based on the shape of this letter. In the end, there was a choice between the names Voce and Vertu. Defeated Vertu.

    2 In October 2001, the company received the right to put a test on the cases of its telephones - for the first time in history, the assay chamber issued a sign to the electronics manufacturer for an electronic device.

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