About a third of mobile advertising in the Mail.ru Group system is bought by the Chinese

    Image: Roem

    Today, Mail.ru Group has published statistics on the use of the myTarget platform . As it turned out, most of the advertising is bought by foreign companies. They account for more than 60% of mobile advertising in myTarget, while Russian companies and individuals, respectively - 40%.

    Among foreigners, Chinese companies buy the most advertising, they account for 37% of all mobile advertising in myTarget. 20% falls on European companies, 4% - on the USA.

    “Today, Mail.Ru Group services are leading in the mobile audience in Russia, and we are pleased that myTarget is becoming an increasingly large single window for accessing the growing mobile audience of Runet, not only for Russian, but also for foreign advertisers. The creators of the games show the greatest interest in the service (they occupy more than 25% of the volume), the e-commerce sector is actively growing, ”said Dmitry Sergeev, Deputy Director General of Mail.Ru Group.

    myTarget is an integrated advertising platform that includes platforms such as Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, My World. The total reach of myTarget is around 140 million people.

    MyTarget has powerful targeting tools. So, advertisers have the opportunity to choose the target audience, indicating demographic, behavioral and other criteria. According to the developers, the system also has a transparent pricing system.

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