Belgian privacy advocates plan to rule Facebook case this week

    Company Facebook accused of violating existing EU laws to protect the privacy of user data. However, representatives of the social network fear that the actions of regulators may lead to the disconnection of one of the important tools to protect user accounts from unauthorized access.

    The company was charged by regulators in several countries, including Germany and Spain. Most of all in its investigation, Belgium succeeded. The Commission for the Protection of Privacy requires Facebook to change the organization of the social network. Facebook, in turn, explains that the fulfillment of these requirements will complicate the work of Belgian users on the social network - they will have to go through a more complex identification procedure. But in case of disobedience, the company faces a fine of 250,000 euros ($ 284,000) for each day of violation.

    “Don't be intimidated by Facebook,” Commissioner Frederic Debussere, a spokesperson for the Commission, turned to a court in a Belgian court at a hearing in Brussels on Monday, September 21. “Facebook management will argue that our requirements cannot be met only in Belgium. The demand can perfectly be fulfilled in our country, ”he said.

    German regulators demanded that Facebook change the rules for registering on the social network during the summer, allowing users to replace real names with pseudonyms. A decision on this conflict should be made before the end of autumn. Similar proceedings are ongoing in Spain, the Netherlands and France.

    The company does not agree with the requirement and believes that the security and privacy of users can be ensured only if everyone knows with whom they share information.

    Personal data advocates accuse companies of cashing in on the personal data of their users. A Facebook spokeswoman warns that rising costs of litigation may slow or even halt the development of new technologies in Europe.

    Belgian regulators are unhappy that Facebook collects data on actions both from users of the social network and from those not registered in it. Regulators call the like button one of the tools for collecting data.

    Facebook admits that collects data about users, including those not registered to a network, but claims that they are only used to identify programs bots, transmit "Vedomosti".

    On Tuesday, the European Court of Justice ruled in Luxembourg on a lawsuit filed by Austrian citizen Maximilian Schrems. The 27-year-old lawyer accused Facebook management of violating the rules of storage and protection of personal data.

    “The revealing information provided by Snowden clearly indicates that the American authorities in droves and by no means selectively gain access to the personal data of citizens living in the EU. Such massive indiscriminate observation is essentially disproportionate and constitutes an unauthorized interference with the rights guaranteed by Articles seven and eight of the Charter (EU fundamental rights), ” quoted the words of the“ authoritative ”lawyer Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

    According to European analysts, in response to a court decision, Facebook may turn to European users to voluntarily decide whether they agree that their data will still be stored in the United States. Otherwise, they may be disconnected from this social network.

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