How to add a retention flask to a sales funnel

    Low cost and effective way to sell significantly more after cold calling through a call center. We draw up a competent chain of letters -> we add everyone who is interested -> we sell a product / service -> after a while we remind ourselves of ourselves

    Last time we talked about how we introduced a call center in our first company .

    After we introduced the call center, the number of “hot” applications to our company increased - about 5% of companies after making a call made specific requests .

    But there were also another 40% for whom our products were generally interestingbut they didn’t leave a request. We called someone at a bad time, someone simply forgot about our offer, etc. These people had to be contacted repeatedly and talk in more detail about the technical nuances of our product, to convey its usefulness .

    And this, whatever one may say, had to be done already by the specialists of his company - since more serious professional competence was already required.

    Calling by ourselves was not particularly desirable - it would be quite expensive, long, and not particularly effective. The engineers had so many applications that they processed. And make them call ...

    In general, we were offered an interesting way out of this situation: to tell customers about our product in more detailusing a series of email letters . And it made sense: in our area email is one of the key channels of communication. The technologists with whom we communicate are often in production, where it is noisy and they are loaded with a bunch of questions. To solve issues with them over the phone in such an environment is in vain. It is easier for them to read the mail when free time appears, to delve into the essence of the question and answer with a return letter.

    How it was implemented

    Our partners from the call center “stole” our engineer for 2 days, and began to “torture” the product in great detail. To learn the ins and outs, technical details, ask the client as an expert opinion ... As a result, we wrote five letters , which in detail narrated about all aspects of our proposal.

    And we set up the system so that every client who is interested in our products, gradually , over the course of a month, receives these letters . Thus we talked to 550 potential customers within a month, without spending at this extra effort .

    Of course, not everyone read our letters (a little more than 50%, someone unsubscribed, someone even clicked on the "spam" button. We really sympathize with these 15 companies). But, in general, this gave us about 25 more applications , which , in fact, doubled the effectiveness of our call . Not bad for such an easy way.

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