Jack Dorsey, the new CEO of Twitter, will hold a series of layoffs

    Photo: Jordan Novet / VentureBeat

    As you know, Jack Dorsey, the new head of Twitter microblogging service, is known. Apparently, in the new position, Dorsey plans to carry out a large-scale reduction of employees, writes Re / code. Unfortunately, it is not yet known how many layoffs are involved, but the cuts will affect all departments and divisions of the company.

    Perhaps Twitter plans to create a more mobile structure, instead of existing now. In addition, despite the profit received in the last quarter, the service now has certain problems in terms of attracting new users. According to Dorsey, the service should be improved and become more efficient.

    Dorsey is currently working on a Twitter development roadmap, which he announced to company investors the other day. Now the company is changing, new functions are being introduced, and labor is being restructured. In addition to staff cuts, Twitter has already implemented Project Lightning by launching Moments. A new video ad has also appeared that allows you to monetize the service. Dorsey is now preparing for a new wave of change.

    On Friday, at the close of exchange trading, the company's stock price reached $ 30.84. Thus, Twitter securities have lost 2.74% since the opening of trading.

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