Video service “Poster Mail.Ru” introduces a recommendation system at the same time as Kinopoisk is restarted

    The largest aggregator of online cinema Afisha Mail.Ru launched on October 9 a recommendation service following the example of Yandex. We are talking about a similar service, launched on October 8 in the updated Yandex project "Kinopoisk."

    “Poster Mail.Ru” is testing technology recommendations based on data such as gender, age, occupation. In addition, the service takes into account the interests of users by analyzing their ratings and actions on the site. But, according to a press release , in order for the recommendation service to work, users will have to evaluate at least 10 films and TV shows.

    According to the project manager of the Poster Mail.Ru project, the recommendation service will allow the user to "solve the problem of choice" and not get lost among the variety of content on the site.

    According to the company, at present “Poster Mail.Ru” is the largest online video content aggregator on the Internet - more than 7.6 thousand films and more than 1.2 thousand series are available on it. The partners of the service are the online cinemas Ivi , Megogo , Amediateka , Tvigle , Now , Zoomby , Tvzavr , RuTube , as well as STS , TNT , Pervy and VGTRK .

    Megamind wrote that yesterday, on October 8, Yandex demonstrated a new siteabout the movie "Kinopoisk." Now the main page of the service is a personalized showcase of films and TV shows.

    In addition to changes in the design of the site, there have been changes in its concept. Now Kinopoisk has turned into an online cinema and has become an aggregator of video content. The service partners are almost the same as the Poster - Amediateka,, Megogo, Tvzavr, Pladform, VGTRK, STS Media, Rutube, Ayyo Movies.

    “The model for aggregating the content of online cinemas was an obvious and logical step for Yandex after the acquisition of Kinopoisk. Poster Mail.Ru managed to occupy this niche much earlier; we started aggregating video content at the beginning of 2013. The appearance of the second player in the video content aggregation market will play into the hands of everyone. Cinemas will increase revenue and will be able to expand their libraries, ”believes Alexey Antropov, the head of Poster Mail.Ru.

    However, the updated version of the service was criticized by numerous users and even its creator Vitaliy Tatsiy. Dissatisfied users created a petition demanding the return of the old version of the portal. After that, the management promised to restore the previous design, but only for a while.

    According to TNS Russia, in August 2015, the monthly audience of Kinopoisk was 15.2 million people (data for Russia among the audience from 12 to 64 years), and the “Poster” and the “TV programs” section on Mail. ru - 8.4 million people, reports RBC.

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