Even Uber drivers protest against Uber actions in France

    A fairly large group of drivers (approximately 50 people) of the Uber service staged a mass protest, sitting near the Uber office in France. The purpose of the protest is to block the decision of the service’s management to reduce UberX tariffs by 20%, as well as UberPool cost for customers by 25%, writes TheVerge. Driver protests went pretty far, so the police had to intervene.

    Uber lowered tariffs in response to the actions of taxi companies in France, which announced a perpetual action to reduce night passenger services. Uber also promised drivers to compensate drivers for the difference in fares. According to the company's specialists, a decrease in the cost of passenger transportation should lead to an increase in the number of passengers, and, consequently, to an increase in drivers' incomes.

    In its blog, the company cited as an example similar actions in relation to its service in New York, where the hourly turnover of drivers increased by 50%.

    Uber had to lower tariffs for other services in France after UberPop was banned by the court. Last year, representatives of taxi companies protested against this service, who also filed a lawsuit, accusing Uber of unfair competition.

    Earlier this year, Uber drivers from New York also protested tariff cuts, claiming that they now have to work harder and get less money for their work.

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