Why are there no sales in online stores?

    Every day opens more and more online stores with a variety of products. Each of them, as they themselves believe, has a unique concept and unique products. However, after a while, after the site and pages on social networks were created, advertising was launched and a couple of thousand rubles were spent, sellers were surprised: “Why do I see in the metrics that customers visit my site, some even put goods in the basket, but purchases not?!".

    On our site, about 200 medium and small online stores are now registered. Buyers come to some regularly and make purchases, while others do not spend a minute. We at OneMarkt tried to figure out the possible causes of low sales and ways to improve the situation.


    1) Store information. You need to spend a little time to clearly and clearly describe what the store does, where it takes the goods, and how much it works in the market. The correct description of your store will help customers begin to trust this store a little more.

    2) Links to social pages. Nowadays, stores that do not have pages in social networks look somehow strange. If you sell online, always include links to all of your pages. Perhaps the buyer wants to contact you there.

    3) Avatar / logo of the store. This is one of the main recognition details of your store. Whether it’s our site, or a page in social networks, blogs and email newsletters, buyers will remember your logo and are more likely to want to return to you.

    4) Promo picture. On OneMarkt, each seller can upload a promotional picture to their storefront. There he can visually talk about ongoing promotions and discounts, hold contests and sweepstakes, or post a unique offer. When you open the store page, this is the first thing that the buyer sees.

    5) Product information. Perhaps this is the most important part in the online store. It is imperative to always clearly and comprehensively talk about the product. It is worth paying attention to such information as: where produced, size, weight, color, how much is in stock. Take the time, but make a quality description of each product. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer - would you buy your product?

    6) Shipping Information. No less important part in the store. Try to tell in detail how you will send the order, how much it will take in time, and most importantly, how much it will cost! In our opinion, it is better to include the cost of delivery in the cost of the product itself, making delivery in this way "free." In this case, there is a much greater chance that the customer will buy your product.

    7) Payment methods. Unfortunately, in Russia there is still a trusting attitude towards prepayment of goods. Buyers want to be 100% sure that they will not be deceived. Try to offer the customer several payment methods to choose from. Also try to find a way in which the customer can pay for the purchase upon receipt.

    8) Always in touch. Indicate how the customer can contact you. Install the necessary applications on your phone so that the client can write or call you for free. We recommend always answering a call or message within 5 minutes. This can increase customer confidence and make them loyal.

    In the end, we note that to create a good impression of your store, you need to spend time. This is the only way to gain the trust of customers and make them regular loyal customers who will tell their friends and colleagues about you.

    Have a good sales!

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